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September 29, 2023

Ziggy Collection bags launched in Lagos

The Managing Director, YD Company, Yetunde Ogunubi, in collaboration with Morin Obaweya, the creative director, Morin. O design brand Limited, has debuted her limited edition capsule bag collection, Ziggy Collection. The launch which recently took place in Lagos had zigzags collection of patterns, and pastel colours dis- played at the Morin.O store.

According to Ogunubi, who is a fashion entrepreneur and designer, the partnership was to strengthen her brand: “I have eight designs inspired by me. I love zigzags, patterns of pas- tel colour and I chose to collaborate with Morin. O design because it is a long standing luxury leather brand that has been in business for over a decade.

Her craftsmanship and reputation for delivering meticulously time- less pieces bring her designs to life.” On the Ziggy bag collection, she said, “it is about bright colours and shape from the fabrication, the leather, the combinations of shapes and colours. Fashion is what I have done part of my life in terms of design, is something I intend to build on be- cause I love it.’’

Obaweya said: “Yetty D is very special to us. When she came up with the idea of having her own bag collection, it was of a particular interest to us. It spurred us on to produce a kind of bag that we did not design. As a brand, we design and produce, so is a story of friendship and collaboration. “Her design is about contemporary classic design of bag that transcends time. We like to make bags that are durable, classic and that can stand the taste of time. Her collaborating with us is a new direction.’

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