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YouTube offers content creators $100m in ‘Shorts’ fund

Content creators from Nigeria and across the World will share a sum of $100 million as YouTube unveils ‘Shorts Find.’ YouTube Shorts is a new feature that allows users to record video shorts up to 60 seconds in length. According to the Googleowned platform, YouTube Shorts Fund was established to reward content creators for creating exciting and engaging content on the platform. YouTube said the fund will be distributed to thousands of eligible creators each month as a bonus payment, based on their content’s performance in the previous month. “Creators can receive up to $10,000 based on viewership and engagement of their shorts content.

To qualify, channels must meet the minimum eligibility requirements refreshed each month to give other creators the opportunity to receive a reward for their creative and unique Shorts,” YouTube stated. It added that the Shorts Fund is the first step in building a monetisation model for Shorts on YouTube and is a chance for creators to earn and build their growing businesses as the world focuses on economic recovery. “Across the world, Shorts creators have already attracted millions of subscribers via their Shorts-only channels.

Moreover, N i g e r i – ans are showing a growing interest in this new shortf o r m video experience, as seen in the top 10 most v i e we d YouTube S h o r t s v i d e o s watched by Nigerians,” You- Tube said. Advising Nig e r i a n c o n t e n t creators on how to benefit from the Fund, YouTube gave six tips they can follow to create compelling and engaging content on the platform. According to YouTube, the content creators would have to spice up their video with music. “Without music in the background, your YouTube Shorts video can appear boring. You can add music to your Shorts by tapping the Add Music icon at the top and selecting one of the preset songs.

That way you can then create lip sync and dancing videos using the song,” it noted. It added that the creators would also have to adjust the speed of their video to suit their idea. “With YouTube Shorts, you have more freedom to experiment with the recording speed. Any of the five possible speeds can be used to produce slow-mo or sped-up effects. With the Speed button, you can slow down or speed up a video by 0.3 or 3 times,” it said. Other tips to boost shorts, according to YouTube, include adding text to video; importing videos from phone’s gallery; stringing multiple video clips together; and making the video eye-catching with video filters.

“In order to create the best video, you may need to pause and resume filming in between takes. With the multisegment camera on YouTube Shorts, you can string multiple video clips together, removing the need for an external editor. Simply release the record button while shooting to pause the video and resume recording when you push the record button again,” You- Tube said. It added that content creators would be able to switch to varying filters in the recording and editing screens within the Shorts camera, noting that filters enable users to color correct footage or change the look & feel of a video.

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