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February 28, 2024

Women should marry according to biblical injunction –Rev Adejumo

Rev Funke Felix-Adeyemo

Rev Funke Felix-Adeyemo

Rev Funke Felix-Adeyemo has admonished married couples to model their marriage after the Bible rather than copy what obtains in African or American marriages.


Adejumo, who spoke extensively about the need for both the husband and the wife to maintain mutual respect for each other, advised single ladies to desist from marrying a man they know they will not respect if they get married to him. Speaking to the women, she said,


“Many of you, even though your husband is physically alive, some of you have killed them with the way you speak to them. You disrespect you husband in such a way that the man has forgotten his first name. You talk to him anyhow because you think you are a bit better off. Because you think you have a better background and all that.


“Please do not have African marriage. Do not have American marriage. Have bible marriage. Honour your husband. He may be as short as a bottle but you saw him like that before you married him. Do not marry a man you cannot respect.


The greatest need of a man is not sex; if he is not born again, he can get it from prostitutes. The greatest need of a man is not food; he can get it from any restaurant. “One of the greatest needs of a man is respect, particularly public respect. Respect your husband and speak kindly to him.


Treat your h u s b a n d with dignity. S t o p d i s – graci n g h i m in the presence of the children.


Stop repeating the mistakes that you mother made and come down from your pinnacle and start honouring that man. If you treat you husband like a king, he will treat you like a queen.


There is no man you honour that will not honour you back.” Speaking to the men, she said: “And can husbands please start treating their wives the way the Bible encourages us to treat our wives?


If your Christianity does not work at home, don’t export it. Don’t tell me to respect you if you cannot even take care of your wife and children. Don’t get so lost in the ministry or your work that you will not have time to admire your wife.


A lot of people are lost in church and their business but are failures in their marriage. Many things kill husbands, many things kill wives. Bring some sanity into your marriage.

Once in a while, pause, drop everything and checkout, maybe in one hotel. You better enjoy life before life finishes with you.”

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