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Why we located research and innovation hub at LAUTECH –Adebayo Adeleke

It was a groundbreaking moment recently at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso as Supply Chain Africa decided to donate a research and innovation hub to the school. Speaking in an interview with Saturday Telegraph CHARLES OGUNDIYA, the founder of SCA, Adebayo Adeleke, said taking the hub to Ogbomoso was strategic. Excerpts…

Can you tell us how your journey into supply chain started?

I joined the supply chain game when I was in the US Military, they ceded me to supply chain and since then it has been a match made in heaven. Why not just stay back in the US and continue there? There are a lot of mistakes and misconceptions about supply chain, and I took it upon myself to clear the misconceptions and champion the development of Africa’s supply chain.

Why did you decide to form Supply Chain Research and Innovation hub?

I focus on supply chain risk management, which stems from my predisposition to security and supply chain. The more I research, the more I realise the need to approach supply chain risk management from the perspective of research without neglecting our cultural intricacies.

Why Ogbomoso and not some highbrow cities like Lagos, or Ibadan?

It’s the place that I was accepted. It’s also quite strategic because it is a gateway passage especially if you are talking about supply chain in Nigerianorth and south. Ogbomoso is also a place where you can dispatch to both the savannah and the grasslands if you understand the geographical location close to Ibadan. Why did you decide to take it to a school? There is a lot of credibility that comes with partnering with an educational institution. Our work at the hub is a nexus between academia, industry, and the government.

However, everyone comes to academia for research. Bringing a research hub to a school was a perfect decision.

Do you see some of your colleagues supporting the project?

Absolutely. They will come on board when the time is right. One of the things the Supply Chain Research and Innovation Hub will achieve is to unite what Africa is doing with the rest of the world. There will be knowledge transfer and growth. With that, we will bring research and ingenuity together. We cannot do this alone and we will be welcoming other industry leaders.

What is the significance of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology to this project?

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) is a premier state university and research centre in Nigeria. Many of the graduates of the university are captains of industries, and we wanted to align with success. Also, when you talk about Ogbomoso, you are talking about a gateway, whether you are coming from the North or South. What inspired a research and innovation hub? My team at Supply Chain Africa has researched on supply chain and everything around it. We knew it was necessary to have a facility that focuses on that

. Secondly, we rely a lot more on foreign knowledge than our knowledge, but civilization started in Africa. What we see in the world today came from here.

The hub will be a proof that we can conduct in-depth research and provide solutions that respect our cultural nuances, while also providing solutions to global challenges.

Is it going to be a partnership?

Right now, it is not but we will invite partners. The research hub will foster a healthy relationship between the government, academia, and industry leaders because nobody has monopoly of research. We also want to have readily available solutions for supply chain challenges. How has your family been coping with your regular traveling? I’m grateful to my family. I’ve lived a military life for 20 years, and they were always supportive. From my military adventures to retiring and embarking on projects globally, they were there for me. I’m blessed to have them.

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