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Why we killed 72-year-old woman during robbery operation in Ogun, by suspect

Two brothers, Akinola Akeem and Mayowa Akeem and their native doctor, Odunta Moses, aka Koba, have been arrested for robbery and murdering 72-year-old woman, Mrs. Christiana Olutokunbo, at the Ijebu Mushin area of Ogun State. The old woman was killed after the gang stormed her residence, where she lived with her husband, Pa Olutokunbo, in Ikala Village of Ijebu Mushin and robbed them of N550, 000 and three mobile phones. According to the brothers, their native doctor, Moses, later swindled them of the money.

The suspects were arrested by Operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT), headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Abba Kyari A police investigation was launched after one of Pa Olutokunbo’s sons, based in UK, petitioned the IGP, requesting that the robbery of his parent’s home and subsequent murder of his mother be thoroughly investigated. The IGP ordered the IRT Unit to investigate the matter, and the Ogun State Annex of the IRT was deployed to investigate. A few days into the investigations, operatives tracked one of the stolen phones to a user. During interrogation, the person confessed to have received the phone from 29-year-old Akinola, later discovered to be one of those that robbed the Olutokunbos’ home on that fateful day.

Akinola was arrested and during interrogations confessed to have participated in a series of robbery operations within Ijebu Mushin area of Ogun State, including the killing of Christiana. He aided IRT Operatives in arresting his younger brother, Mayowa and their native doctor, Moses. Moses was alleged to be the medicine man that used to prepare charms for the gang for successful operations. A police source said: “Moses usually consults his oracle and fortifies members of his gang with charms before they embark on any operation.

The incident occurred on March 15, and we learned members of the gang invaded the residence of Pa Olutokunbo and during the operation, stole N550, 000 and three mobile phones. “While the operation was going on, Christiana screamed for help and she was strangled. They also attempted to kill Pa Olutokunbo, but the old man pretended to have died out of shock.”

The source added: “The case was reported at Itamogiri Police Station, while Christiana’s corpse was moved to the Mortuary. On March, 20, Femi Olutukunbo, a resident of the United Kingdom sent a petition to the IGP and the Ogun State annex was asked to investigate.

“They arrested the users of the stolen phones. After Akinola was arrested, he cooperated with the police, leading to the arrest of Mayowa and Moses. Moses used to prepare charms and fortify members of the gang before any operation by consulting his oracle called Osunyi. All proceeds of the robberies are usually brought before Moses, and shared.” Akinola, a cyclist by profession, also said: “I’ve gone on three robbery operations. I killed a woman in my last operation. My brother and I formed the gang because we were frustrated. Robbers in the past stole two of my motorcycles and I became frustrated. “The first place I robbed, I got N5,000. The second house I robbed, I got N9,000. The third operation was at Ikala, where we killed the old woman.”

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