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Why my new Gospel Song, ‘Mu Na Chi M’ is special –Tessy Aniesi

Lagos-based gospel artist,Tessy Aniesi who has a knack for producing songs with a blend of highlife and Afropop flavour has described her latest hit track, ‘Mu Na Chi M’ as a special song.

Speaking with newsmen following the release of the song, the Anambra-West, Anambra-born artist said the latest hit track from her stable was special because it resonates with her life and special relationship with God.

“It is a special song that captures the divine presence in my life and daily experiences. It’s now very difficult to make headway in our society without divine intervention.

The grace available for me through the struggle to achieve personal goals and dreams in life, especially when the environment wants you to do certain things to attain certain levels or achieve certain goals at a particular time, to suit whatever they imagine should be the norm in society.

“Ranging from what we call “blow” in the entertainment industry to family and economic conditions is why I’m singing the splendour of God’s presence in ‘Mu Na Chi M’ song. So far, I’m not yielding to any societal pressures and yet things are working out so well and in peace, without soiling my hands in what is not in line with my Chi and destiny.

I found the best answer to the pressure which is, ‘Onye Chi Mere Eze, Ga abụ Eze’. Whomever God has made great must be great. That’s the background of this track.

According to her, the message contained Why my new Gospel Song, ‘Mu Na Chi M’ is special –Tessy Aniesi in the song- ‘Muna Chi M’ was that of “diligence in work and not giving up or giving in to pressures against the orderliness of your spirit man because there is time for rewards after work.

“The problem we have at the moment is that many people no longer devote themselves to the task of honesty, diligence and dedication to work. They just want to achieve fame and fortune overnight. It does not work like that.


There is a time to plant or sow, tend to the crops as they grow, and uproot the weeds as they grow before the crops are ripe for harvest. I believe that once you have done your best, at the appointed time, you will begin to eat the fruits of your labour,” she said.

Tessy-Top, as she is fondly called, also shed light on what made her latest album different from the ones she had produced during her 16 years as a gospel singer.

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  • “Mu na Chim” is a special number

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