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Why my musical video was dramatic – Yinka Rythmz

US based Nigeria musician Yinka Quadri Hazzan popularly known as Yinka Rythmz has disclosed the reason why there are lots of drama in his soon to be released musical video titled ‘More Than Somebody’. Speaking on the progress made on the album slatted for release in December, the Apase of West Coast, said the drama in the video of the body of work showcases the emotion attached to the message in the song. “The album simply states that I am showcasing the action, the life and the emotions that is attached to the composition of the song.

I am simply trying to showcase the life behind the composition of the songs in addition to the situations, struggles, challenges and the victory that every individual could face in their daily life.”

Further on the dramas behind the video, Yinka Rythmz said: “My life, my story, my struggles, my music, my testimonies, my challenges, my setback, my accomplishments, my delays, my perspectives, my limitations and my faith are messages in the project which could be found in the life of most individuals.” Though expected to be unveiled soon, the musician is keeping details of the exact state of work on MTS to his heart.

“I can’t define exactly what stage we are currently at, due to the setback and limitation of the ongoing pandemic. But we are progressing, moving forward to ensure the conclusion of the project as soon as possible,” he concluded.

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