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Why Leading A-List Celebrities Swear by VOBARA

From Soulja Boy to Rick Ross, VOBARA is the high-end jeweler behind these artists’ greatest looks.


As an A-list celebrity in the music industry, there is no better way to stand out than having “iced out” custom jewelry. Among the vast collection of jewelry that several hip-hop artists wear, a respective amount can be recognized as VOBARA’s trendsetting pieces.

These business relationships include Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Zoey Dollaz, Quincy, and King Combs.
Owner Alex Arabov reveals that the key to his success was making VOBARA a company that is all about the customer. It is crucial to the company that every customer’s purchase is a memorable experience, from beginning to end.


As mentioned, VOBARA works alongside some heavy hitters in the hip-hop industry. However, this doesn’t make any other customer less valuable. Whether a customer is coming in for a one-time purchase or their weekly purchase, VOBARA ensures top-tier customer service for everyone.
So, what exactly does it take to create the perfect customized piece of jewelry? VOBARA’s secret is to ensure that every customer gets their undivided attention from the very first moment of contact. The process continues with a personal phone call from Alex, the entrepreneur himself, to discuss precisely what the customer has in mind. From there, VOBARA starts their elegant and elite design process, while involving the customer during every step. “We take pride in every piece that comes out of VOBARA,” Alex says.
The experience is unmatched, since the personal touch that VOBARA provides is what people really love and truly appreciate. Standing out from the crowd is nothing new to VOBARA, with their high-quality work, fair prices, and unique designs; the company has been successful from its establishment in 2016. It comes as no shock that the motivated entrepreneur has several great ideas and custom pieces coming up in the foreseeable future.
Being in a highly competitive industry, one must keep up with the latest fashion trends since it is essential to survive in the marketplace. VOBARA is one of very few to be considered a verified hip-hop jeweler in Miami. The company proudly produces uniquely designed pieces for the urban community, specializing in custom pendants. Whether one has a high or low budget, VOBARA has a custom piece with their name on it. The brand has made several memorable custom pendants, like the “DRACO” pendant worn by Soulja Boy in his “Make it Clap” TikTok challenge.

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