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Why Igbo must lobby APC, PDP for President in 2023, by Nwankwo

A former Minister of State for Health, Chief Fidelis Nwankwo, yesterday urged the people of South-East zone to start lobbying for presidency of Igbo extraction in 2023 presidential election.


Nwankwo, a former INEC Commissioner said the zone must lobby the two dormant political parties of All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to zone their 2023 presidential tickets to the South-East region if they were to produce the next president of the country. He spoke in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital while speaking with journalists.


Nwankwo said: “Igbo are saying that they want President, for me what they should start doing is to influence the major political parties to give Igbo people nomination the way it happened in 1998 when the Yoruba picked presidential thicket from the major political parties. “And at the end of the day, it became for them a win- win situation.


So, likewise if Igbo want to be President, they should work and lobby and make their case through the two major political parties so that they can give their candidates nomination. “If PDP is maintaining the zoning system, a lot of people believed that it should go to the North.


When it comes to the North, we look at the four local governments, one has been there, probably if using the same zoning system, that one local government is eliminated, and then we have three local governments left. “It is going to be open for the three local governments, so anyone that emerges, then next time, two local governments has their chance.


So, for me the argument should be that those who are agitating should work on the political parties that control power. “And make sure that people from their area get nominated. I belong to PDP and I believe what I have explained to you on what has been the pattern the zoning has taken.”

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