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Why I Stay Away From Fetish Roles –Linda John

How did get into the Nigerian movie industry?

I chose acting because I have always had passion for entertainment. Also, the exposure that comes with meeting new people and-learning different cultures and traditions.

Share with us your growing up and how it has shaped your personality today?

I grew up in a Christian home with my parents and my siblings, mostly my brothers, which made me acquire male related skills like football, table tennis, etc. It has helped shape me especially in my field of endeavour, where some of those skills are required. Coming from a very religious background helped me a lot in my career because of some diabolic people in the Nollywood industry. I would love to say that prayers saved my life.

As an actress, what guides your decision to accept a role?

First criteria before accepting a movie role is the story; it has to be a good story. It has to be well scripted, good stories produce good movies. The production crew is also vital because working with a bunch of professional production team gives you a good movie. I am only about good movies. I can never settle for less.

Are there roles you cannot take?

Taking up roles as a marine agent or spirit-related roles is a big NO for me because they have repercussions. Like I said earlier, prayers saved me more times than I can count.

What has been your most challenging movie role so far?

My most challenging role in Nollywood happened a couple of years ago. It was during my early days in the industry. I went to Awka for this particular production and the director connived with the makeup artiste, costumier, and Production Manager to frustrate me on the set because I refused to sleep with him.

The conspiracy was too much and I later left the location by myself. I didn’t even have transport money to go back to my base. I had to call my elder brother to send me money. I conquered the situation by leaving the production because my life didn’t depend on just that particular movie. I have never been desperate about this whole movie thing.

What has fame deprived you?

Fame has deprived me of a couple of things; like walking freely on the road, entering okada( Bike), buying things randomly by the roadside. There are lots of restrictions.

What’s the most embarrassing Direct Message, (DM) you got on social media?

The most embarrassing DM that I have gotten should be on Instagram where someone was trying to pay to have sex with him. I just blocked the person. You recently made a post on Instagram regarding Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL.

If someone volunteers to be your Sponsor, will you go through it?

My post regarding BBL on Instagram and Facebook was just pure cruise. I will never go for BBL. I am quite close to some of my colleagues that did BBL and I will tell you this for free, most of them are regretting it right now. Like you have to keep renewing it to be able to maintain that perfect shape.

I know of someone that has gone to renew hers thrice and it’s seriously affecting her health. I won’t even advice anyone to go for it. Some of them fell into the hands of fake doctors because they wanted it at a cheaper rate and this further complicated their cases.

Then, instead of giving them a round butt, they end up with a square butt. They even borrow money to go and do BBL. Someone called me to loan her N100,000 because she was broke and indebted after the procedure. She told me she can’t even afford to eat. It’s crazy.

What’s your take on the notion that actresses maintain their luxurious lifestyle by sleeping around with sugar daddies?

Well, not all actresses in this case. You can say some. It’s unfair to generalize because we still have very hardworking artists in the industry. They work so hard for their money. However, we still have some of them that has absolutely no business to show for. Yet, they flaunt expensive things online. You can easily tell where it’s coming from.

Have you ever rejected a suitor? And why?

Yes, I have rejected a suitor because we don’t share same belief. He’s not a Christian and doesn’t believe there’s God. Any relationship that is not built on a solid foundation cannot stand.

That’s my belief. What do you look out for in a man?

A man with the fear of God. Any man that does not love God cannot love any- body. A kind man with good taste of character and a sensitive person.

What’s your relationship turn on and turn off?

My relationship turn on is a sensitive and great conversationalist. While I detest arrogance and being insensitive. Can you marry a man above 60? When it comes to marriage, age is just a number. I have seen younger marriages breakup in less than a year and I have seen older marriages last longer. So, yes, I can marry someone above 60 that is matured at heart, kind, and sensitive.

If given the opportunity what would you change about Nollywood?

If given an opportunity to change something in Nollywood, I will like to change the rate of unprofessionals trooping into the industry everyday by setting up a task force to checkmate the affairs of the various guilds, ranging from directors, producers, artists etc.

For example, someone that has zero knowledge of directing, with absolutely no training, coming to direct a whole movie because he/she knows the executive producer personally, or a commercial sex worker posing as an actress because she was given a Waka Pass role in a movie. I will set up a strong task force to checkmate these departments to make sure that only registered members are allowed to participate in a production.

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