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February 24, 2024

Who’s Afraid of Birnin Yandoto Emirate?

In the present day human societies, one of the greatest misadventures is that people play politics with virtually everything which is without doubt an injustice we are doing to ourselves as civilized humans. Of course, every actions and inactions of our leaders and decision makers is heavily shrouded with political coloration no matter how genuine it is.

Sadly, monetization of our morals has gone to an ugly extent where people can be paid to do all evils not minding whose ox is gored or the ripple consequences of their actions. Suffice it to say that our human conscience has been systematically eroded. In fact, beyond politics, religious and traditional institutions are also affected by the new societal norm.

Today, if you can feed an idle youth, he will dance to your tune and he can go extra-mile in glorifying unholy happenings within the society while criticizing everything perceived as disadvantage by his paymasters. That’s why; responding to every sort of criticism sometimes is tantamount to wasting one’s precious time. Yet, to avoid such paid agents and their co-travelers from misguiding the target individuals and causing disaffection between people and communities, certain things need to be clearly presented for people to be guided.

The recent write up criticising the decision of the present Governor of Zamfara state, His Excellency, Bello Mohammed Matawalle MON, by a seemingly paid agent, masquerading as, Hon Aliyu MC whose action depicts a clear example of those who collect money in exchange with their conscience, I felt obligated to write this not to intentionally join issue with the paid writer but to state some facts where the writer or his sponsors have demonstrate high sense of ignorance.

For one, history will never forgive both the writer and his sponsors because apart from demonstration of obliviousness of the Zamfara state’s political and traditional history, the distortion of facts and misrepresentation of Governor Matawalle’s good intention is yet another crime orchestrated to cause chaos and acrimony among the peace loving people of Zamfara state.

Let me set the record clear that, in the history of our traditional settings, Yandoton-Daji has never at any time been under the then ‘Tsafe District’ it was during the erstwhile administration of Governor Ahmad Yarima that an injustice was perpetrated in connivance with some selfish and money bags politicians in Gusau who intentionally and mischievously ceded some part of Gusau territory, namely; Yandoton-Daji, Danjibga, Kwaren Ganuwa, Keta, Kizara, Bawa Ganga and Kunchin Kalgo to Tsafe Emirate.

It could have done Aliyu Abubakar MC well if concern himself with the Imamship of Tsafe which he knows better and leave the issue of political and traditional history that he knows nothing about.

In fact, Governor Matawalle should be applauded and commended for reversing the injustice meted on the peace loving people of Gusau and Gusau ruling house and those whose upstairs is intact have since appreciated the decision to the chagrin of the naysayers like Ali MC.

The issue of creating Birnin Yandoto Emirate is the most sensible thing to do to correct the injustice done to Gusau ruling house who are the right owners and inheritors of the territory.

In fairness, what Ali MC and his conspirators would have said as a Bagare (if he is one) if for instance, Bilbis which is an integral part of Garewa but which is the only Garewa territory that falls under Tsafe West State Assembly Constuency whose Headquarters is Yandoton-Daji was included in the proposed new emirate? Or why is Dansadau, Kwatarkwashi and Moriki not merged with Maru, Bungudu, and Zurmi Emirates?

Equally, Yandoton-Daji, Danjibga , kwaren Ganuwa, Keta, Kizara, Bawa Ganga and Kunchin Kalgo have never been under Tsafe District or part of Garewa territory even under Yandoto Aliyu, Maza Waje and other great rulers of Tsafe.

In a saner society, this is the time for Sen. Yarima to come out and apologize to the people of Gusau and Gusau ruling house for the insult, injury, and distortion of history he intentionally did to them. The patience of the people of Gusau and Gusau ruling house should not be taken as a sign of cowardness, weakness or for granted.

It is crass ignorance and irresponsible to compare the splitting of the present Tsafe Emirate that was unjustly created by Governor Yarima “yesterday” between 1999-2003 to the balkanization of Kano Emirate that existed since the jihad of Shehu Usman Danfodio.

Let me advice Aliyu MC and his sponsors to steer clear of issues relating to our traditional institution he has no knowledge of. I also want to use this medium to call on Sen Yarima to come out and apologize to the people of Gusau and Gusau ruling house for dashing out what rightly belongs to them to Tsafe. If Aliyu MC and his co-travellers in this journey of injustice are in doubt, they should write the ‘Sultanate Council’ for clarification and guidance on where Tsafe territory start and end. The Sultanate are the custodians of the history of all traditional authorities in zamfara and beyond.

To Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle, I salute his courage and urge him to go ahead and right this insjustice as his decision will go a long way in strengthening our
belief and conviction that, he’s here to right the wrong of the past leaders and get Zamfara state out of the woods.

By: Hon. Hussaini Dan Isa, Gusau

Dan Isa writes from Gusau.

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