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Who Could Be the Surprise Team at the World Cup 2022?

With the upcoming World Cup 2022, punters and football fans are waiting for big moments and big surprises. While the likes of Brazil, France, and Germany qualify for a winning strike during the competition, many of us wonder which team will make the most impact and will create momentum.


Nobody has a crystal ball, but we have many reasons to think the upcoming events will impress their fans and the general audience during World Cup 2022. It doesn’t mean that they will come back with the trophy, but that they might be able to score a qualifying ticket from their respective group. Here is our top list of the most promising contenders for Qatar 2022.

Ghana: Lots of Potential for a Qualifying Ticket

The World Cup is by no means the monopoly of European football, and five African countries have made it to the fixture. Ghana, in particular, is a team full of very competent opponents playing in the most prestigious clubs, such as Thomas Partey (Arsenal), GK – Mohammed Salisu (Southampton), or Gideon Mensah just had a fantastic season playing for Auxerre.


While they certainly are not anybody’s favorite in the so-called “group of Death”, the Black Stars squad is fully prepared to fight an intense fight against Ronaldo’s Portugal, South Korea and Uruguay. Punters from their home country are already placing bets in 10Bet online casino in Ghana, every single one of them hoping to be pleasantly surprised with Ghana’s combativity.

Belgium: Eyes Red For Victory

Let’s be honest, losing against France in the semi-final of the 2018 World Cup is still bitter for many Belgium sports fans, and the Red Devils are ready to fight tooth and nail to wash away this unfortunate defeat. The question on many Belgian lips is whether the team will perform enough to get the trophy back home, as they have been deprived of the title despite being one of the best football countries in the world.


Naysayers told us that Belgium isn’t going to make it to the group stage, but with Canada and Morocco, we do not see a reason why. Of course, semi-finalists Croatia might give them a tougher time, but we are confident in this team’s reliability, and we know that men with a thirst for revenge can achieve anything.


United States: Still Young and Hoping for the Best

If we say that the USA might be the surprise of Qatar 2022, it is mainly because they have no choice but to leave a profound impression in a sport that they have yet to conquer. Their qualification for the World Cup 2022 makes up for an absence in 2018. What transpires is that North America’s interest in football is growing at speed, USA/Canada and Mexico being official hosts for the World Cup 2026.


This year, the USA has Christian Pulisic, one of the best attacking players, ruling the show. The team heavily relies on his innate football sense, and he is still the main scorer. Listen, there might be a day in the U S of A when football, played with actual feet, becomes the main sport. We are not so confident that it is happening tomorrow, but there is still room for hope. Our hope is precisely for America to give us solid games against heavy hitters England, Iran, and Wales.

Senegal: Wins of Africa

The Senegal National’s football team is not to be messed with, and we keep in mind that they were the only African nation that made it to the quarter-finals in 2002. They have a traditionally aggressive playing style, and their defence is something that any international can remember.


The roster of the 2022’s team is loaded with international players playing for prestigious European clubs. Naming Sadio Mane (Bayern Munich), Edouard Mendy and Pape Matar Sarr are the three main actors of the game. Let’s hope that Senegal repeats the superb performance of 2002 and goes even further.


Ecuador: The Challenger from The South

That was a close call for Ecuador which almost got evicted from the World Cup due to a suspected fraud about one of its players’ nationality. The whole drama started when Chile and Peru, two nations excluded from the competition, hinted that Byron Castillo was a Colombian native and shouldn’t have been allowed to play in the qualification round.

Ruling that a player’s birthplace doesn’t determine his eligibility, FIFA stated that Castillo, the right winger, is, in fact, Ecuadorian and, therefore, will be able to play for his team. Nice try, Chile and Peru, but it looks like the air has been cleared for Ecuador, a relatively strong team that presents a balance of ingenious attack and solid ground defense to the table. Ecuador is about to play the first match of the whole competition against Qatar and is set to fight Senegal and his mighty Sadio Mane.

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