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When To Wear Black Lipstick

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I n beauty and make up, black lipstick is rarely used. This is because it has an edgy dark vibe it adds to the look. It is the most common lip make up used for Halloween costume, to portray a dark side or to show off the Gothic look. But there are simple ways to wear a black lipstick and make it look simple for that chic look.

The key to a dark lip in the daytime is to keep the rest of your face fresh and light. Moisturize and prime the skin with a little concealer under the eyes. If you are wearing a black lipstick, avoid wearing heavy smokey eye shadow. These two combined together give the bad-girl vibe. Light or nude eye makeup will tone down the dark lip making it look more pleasant. Black lipstick can stand alone. It blends well with bright coloured jewelry like gold and silver.

Black lipstick is a signature look for costume parties and event, not for an everyday occasion. So, choose wisely. Note: It is considered kind of unprofessional, generally. It is usually more of a casual look and not for office work sort of thing.

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