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What’s Next for Lionel Messi?




Lionel Messi’s time in Paris will soon come to an end this summer, as he has decided not to renew his contract with PSG. While he has achieved numerous goals and assists, it’s debatable whether his time at PSG was a resounding success. Nonetheless, the fact remains that he’ll soon be a free agent and available to sign with a new club after his current contract expires on June 1. So, where will Messi be playing next season? Let’s examine the options.

Back to Barcelona 

Could Lionel Messmake a return to Barcelona? Despite leaving the club under difficult circumstances, there are signs that a reunion could be on the cards.Recent online sport betting odds suggest that the move is a long possibility and thus, reduced the odds, but the move will no doubt excite fans of both Messi and Barcelona.

But Messi’s return would be more than just a sentimental move. He still possesses incredible talent and could significantly enhance Barcelona’s chances of success. Imagine the prospect of Messi linking up with Robert Lewandowski to devastating effect, providing perfectly weighted through-balls ten times a game. With Messi’s experience and skill, Barcelona could be a force to be reckoned with next season.

Furthermore, if Messi were to help Barcelona win the Champions League, it would only reinforce his reputation as the best player of all time. Although he has nothing left to prove, Messi’s return to Barcelona could be a perfect opportunity for him to finish his career on a high note and cement his status as a legend of the game.

To Saudi Arabia

Messi’s link to Saudi Arabia runs pretty deep, so don’t be surprised if he ends up playing for Al-Hilal in the Saudi Arabian football league. If he does end up signing a megabucks contract with Al-Hilal, it would also reignite his long-term rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo, who also plays in the league. The sight of Messi and Ronaldo going head-to-head once more would offer a great entertainment spectacle, even if it does take place in a league not known for its football credentials. 

A Reunion with Pep?

There are not many football clubs that could offer an attractive package to Lionel Messi, but Manchester City, one of the world’s richest clubs, could be an exception. The reason for this possibility lies in the identity of the manager at the Etihad. Messi played his best football under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, and it is reasonable to assume that Guardiola knows how to bring out the best in Messi. Although he would not be an automatic starter for City, as they are already a well-established team, Messi would undoubtedly have something to offer. Moreover, playing for City would provide him with a chance to prove himself in the English league. 



Inter Miami

 The MLS would be desperate to bring Messi to the United States. Of all the clubs, Inter Miami makes the most sense. Messi owns a condo there already, and the club already has star appeal as it’s owned by football legend David Beckham, who was recently seen speaking with Messi in Paris.

 Back to Where It All Started 

Could it end where it started? Messi’s love for his first football club, Newell’s Old Boys, is well-known, and there’d be a lot of romance in ending his career in Rosario. He’d have to take a big pay cut, sure, but there’ll be a part of Messi that knows it would be the right way to end a glittering career. If it doesn’t happen this summer, then we can hope it happens a couple of years down the line. 


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