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What Is Happening in Kogi’s Shameful, Says Kadiri

In recent weeks, Nigeria has witnessed a chain of political developments that have left many frustrated and disappointed. In this chat, Senator Alex Usman Kadiri who represented Kogi East Senatorial District bares his mind to a group of journalists on the happenings in Kogi State

Give us an insight into your background?

In any society in the world, I refer to myself as an elder statesman, a successful elder statesman, somebody wrote a biography on me. You can read my biography on the Internet; I am not a local champion. I am being dragged backwards to talk about local issues which first and foremost are below my level. I am from Kogi State, no matter what I have be- come in Abuja today, I cannot forget that I come from Kogi and that State has been messed up completely by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

What do you mean?

The truth must be told, I am not interested in what (President Bola) Tinubu thinks. I am interested in what Kogi people think, I am not looking for a job, a lot of people are quiet because they have the hope they can be given an appointment. Alex Kadiri has no desire for any appointment. I have been a Director General, I have been a Senator, Chairman of a University Council and a Permanent Secretary. What else can I look for that God has not done for me? What is going on in Kogi is disastrous and people are afraid or tired of talking because the APC doesn’t care. We are a national party that keeps quiet and watches what is going on.

What exactly is your grouse?

You can imagine the inauguration of the new Governor who failed to recognise the Chairman of the State Traditional Council, the Ata Igala. The governor and his wife kneeling down for the outgoing governor at the inauguration ground. What a shame! That same way a serving senator removed his shoes and knelt down for the one they call White Lion. Of all the atrocities that man has committed, of all the money they have wasted doing nothing he now wants to be the chairman of the party. What manner of a ruling party is this? Tell me. I cannot continue to take this non- sense. A failed governor now wants to be the national chairman of the party. He wants to take over from Abdulahi Ganduje.

What is your assessment of the Tinubu administration so far?

What type of country are we running? Why are we provoking Nigerians? Tinubu has filled Abuja with Lagos people, no problem he bought his way. If you want to remove him, try and buy your own way. But still let Tinubu treat Nigerians with some decorum. He has no respect for us at all, we heard he was in France on a private visit quietly. How can a president of a country sneak out of the country? Why?

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