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War: Iran Warns US, UK, Others Against Joining Israel

Iran has issued a warning to the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), and their allies not to intervene in Israel’s war.

The Islamic nation dubbed its war on Israel “Operation True Promise.”

Sunday Telegraph had earlier reported that Iran attacked Israel on Saturday with hundreds of drones and cruise missiles.

Experts worry that this would escalate the conflict in Gaza, which has been going on for six months, into a major regional conflict.

Israel and Iran have both acknowledged the launch of what are thought to be powerful Shahed drones made in Iran.


There have been over 100 drone launches, according to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

An hour later, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corp. said that, as part of “Operation True Promise,” it had also fired ballistic missiles towards “specific targets” in Israel.

“In response to the numerous crimes committed by the Zionist regime… the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps fired dozens of missiles and drones at specific targets inside the occupied territories [Israel],” state television quoted a Guards statement as saying.

According to Israeli intelligence sources cited by the New York Times, Israeli military installations in the occupied Golan Heights in the far north and the Negev desert in the far south are thought to be the intended targets.

Iran’s defence minister, Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, told state television in response that “any country that allows its airspace or soil to be used for Israel to attack Iran will receive a firm response from us.”

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