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VOMOS CEO explains what private jets brokerage all about

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Not many people are familiar with private jets brokers. This is simply because many people have not taken private travels because they believe it is strictly reserved for the super rich. In a recent interview, the Chief Executive Officer of premium travel company, VOMOS based in the United States of America, Mark McNeil explains what a private jets broker does and how the world of private travel may not be as exclusive as many thought.

“Jet Brokers are like travel agents who search, find, and book private air travel for their clients,” he said. “ Booking a private jet can be time-consuming and difficult without the proper contacts or knowledge of the industry. Experienced brokers have direct contacts with jet owners or their management companies and are able to match your travel itinerary with the best available aircraft at a great price.”

“Experienced brokers typically deal with only Part 135 commercial private aircraft with the highest safety ratings and standards. Seasoned brokers regularly attend continuing education courses and seminars to stay up to date on the latest rules and regulations as well as changing guidelines within the industry. Choosing the right private jet broker can save you invaluable time, energy, and money,” he added.

On affordability of private travel and all its trappings, McNeil said, “Private jet travel is definitely attainable for the everyday consumer although many think it’s associated only with celebrities, athletes or wealthy businessmen or women. Flying private if broken down on a per seat cost can be quite affordable for those seeking a premium alternative to commercial flights and for those looking to avoid the long lines and uncertainty of public airport terminals. It’s definitely something to consider if you have elderly family members or loved ones with lower immune systems or health problems.”

VOMOS was founded in 2016 as an offshoot of Premier Luxury Rentals owned by Mark McNeil.

VOMOS is best known for its one-of-a-kind, all-in-one mobile marketplace for luxury rentals and experiences. VOMOS offers curated experiences such as private aviation, villa and mansion rentals, yacht charters and luxury rental cars for those seeking the absolute best in premium travel. Consumers can quickly access their high-end offerings and experiences anywhere in the world, versus spending countless hours of research over several platforms.

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