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US: We’re Still Engaged With West African Juntas

The US is still engaged with Niger and Chad, despite withdrawing troops from the countries, the head of the US Africa Command has told the BBC. On Wednesday, dozens of US troops left Chad after the country’s military leaders raised concerns over their presence ahead of the May 6 elections.

Gen Michael Langley told the BBC it was a “temporary repositioning” of troops. Last month, US troops left neighbouring Niger after being ordered out by the country’s junta.

Russian military instructors have arrived in Niger as part of a new agreement with the military leaders.

Several other military led countries in the Sahel region have also recently strengthened ties with Russia and cut them with France, the former colonial power, as they try to fight an Islamist insurgency in the region.

The Sahel region is considered the new global epicentre of the Islamic State group. Gen Langley said that violent extremist organisations were the biggest threat to Africa’s stability

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