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US Israel Policy Unchanged – White House

Following news reports that the United States is considering using weapon sales on Israel as leverage to persuade the Israeli government to reduce its military attack in Gaza, the White House on Sunday declared that there had been no changes to its Israeli policy.

“Israel has a right and obligation to defend themselves against the threat of Hamas while abiding by international humanitarian law and protecting civilian lives, and we remain committed to supporting Israel in its fight against Hamas.

We have done so since Oct. 7 and will continue to. There has not been a change in our policy,” a spokesperson for the White House National Security Council said.

NBC News reported exclusively earlier on Sunday that at the direction of the White House, the Pentagon has been reviewing what weaponry Israel has requested that could be used as leverage. The report cited sources and said no final decisions were made.


The article also said that the United States is thinking of halting or slowing down the supplies in the hopes that this will force Israel to adopt measures like providing humanitarian corridors to allow for greater aid to reach Palestinian civilians.

Joint direct attack munitions (JDAMs), which are guidance kits that turn dumb bombs into precision-guided munitions, and 155 mm artillery rounds were among the weapons the US contemplated deploying as leverage, the article continued.

International outrage has been raised by the high death toll from Israel’s conflict in Gaza. While Washington has not demanded a ceasefire, President Joe Biden has previously described Israeli bombing as “indiscriminate,” claiming that doing so would help the Palestinian Islamist organisation Hamas.

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