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Understand the Law of Attraction in 3 Steps laid by Brian Dalmaso

Business coach Brian Dalmaso is a man on a mission. And that mission is to educate as many people as possible on how the world’s wealthiest people think, act, and operate. You may ask yourself why, but according to Brian, it’s pretty simple. “I believe in philanthropy and being grateful for any fortune that comes your way,” he explained, before adding, “By providing the masses with all the training they need to develop the mindset of the successful and wealthy, I believe we can improve the lives of everyone. That’s what I call giving something back!”

As a firm believer in there being no time like the present, Brian has kindly agreed to help us understand the law of attraction in three steps. Brian explained, “Simply put, the law of attraction is based on the philosophy we are all susceptible to the laws of the universe. In essence, that means we are all capable of taking whatever is in our thoughts, desires, and dreams, and turning them into a reality. You can see how valuable this is in a personal and professional sense. So let’s start at the beginning.”

Fact, Not Fiction

A lot of people tend to think the law of attraction is pure fantasy, but it has its roots in science, particularly quantum physics. Scientists have discovered in recent years, what greats such as Newton, Shakespeare, Blake, and Beethoven always knew—our mind plays a key role in shaping our lives and the world we live in. We can be both creator and controller of the energy we make and send out into the universe, so embrace it!

How To Utilize The Law Of Attraction

Using the law of attraction is staggeringly simple, you just need self-belief and buckets full of positivity. The first step is to fix an idea or concept in your mind’s eye and tell yourself and the universe you are going to make what is now a thought a tangible reality someday soon. You are an artist and life is a blank canvas, so paint the landscape of your choice and live your dream!

How It Can Be Used To Generate Wealth

Wealth is often stigmatized in today’s society and associated with greed and vanity. Many people feel they do not deserve it or are not capable of achieving it. You must overcome this and use the law of attraction to eradicate these negative thought patterns and visualize the positive aspects of wealth and how it could improve your life. Remember, positivity breeds positivity.

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