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UK Bars Foreign Student From Bringing In Family

The United Kingdom (UK) Government has banned Nigerian students and other international students from bringing their families as dependents, with the exception of “under specific circumstances.”

New Telegraph gathered that the new directive is in an effort to reduce the nation’s current level of immigration, which is currently around one million.

This was contained in a ministerial statement issued on Tuesday by the UK Secretary, Suella Braverman said recent immigration figures had shown an “unexpected rise” in the number of dependants coming to the UK alongside international students.

According to him, to prevent exploitation of the visa system, the UK will no longer allow international students to switch from the student path to the employment route before finishing their studies under the new law.

The statement reads, “There will also be a review of the maintenance requirement for students and dependents and a crackdown on “unscrupulous” education agents “who make use of inappropriate applications to sell immigration, not education”.

This change takes effect in January 2024 to allow students starting courses in the UK time to plan to adapt to the new rules.

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