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December 11, 2023

Uche Cole Urges Nigerians To Embrace Tinubu’s Administration For A Transformed Nigeria

In a heartfelt appeal to fellow Nigerians, Godswill Cole Chiori, popularly known as Uche Cole, renowned entrepreneur and director at Ocean Glory Commodities, a foremost shipping company, and new entrants into the Rice Milling Industry, has urged Nigerians to unite and support the newly inaugurated President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Cole emphasizes the need for prayer, patriotism, and optimism as Nigeria enters a new era of governance.

He highlights the importance of addressing grievances, empowering the youth, and fostering an enabling environment for businesses and the country’s future.

Taking to his verified Twitter handle, he wrote, “As the sun rises on this historic day, Nigeria enters a new chapter in its democratic journey.

“The inauguration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu marks the beginning of a fresh era filled with hopes, aspirations, and an ardent desire for change.

“It is a moment when we, as Nigerians, must come together to embrace the challenges ahead and work towards building a nation that thrives on unity, progress, and inclusivity.

“After eight years under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, it is evident that many Nigerians desired a transformation in the country’s governance.

“However, the outcome of the recent elections, despite the discontent expressed by some, has given birth to a renewed opportunity for progress.

“It is essential that we put our political differences aside and rally behind President Tinubu, offering our prayers, support, and collective effort to steer our beloved nation towards the path of prosperity.

Now more than ever, Nigeria needs unity. We must transcend political affiliations and come together as one nation, setting aside our grievances and focusing on the common goal of national development.

“Let us remember that progress can only be achieved when we work together, utilizing our diversity as a source of strength rather than division. Through unity, we can create an atmosphere of peace, patriotism, and inclusivity, fostering an environment where every citizen can thrive and contribute to the nation’s growth.

President Tinubu inherits a nation with deep-seated grievances and unmet expectations. It is imperative that he addresses these concerns head-on, acknowledging the disillusionment and ensuring that the voices of the people are heard.

“The youth, the driving force of our nation’s future, deserve special attention. By investing in their education, skills development, and entrepreneurship opportunities, we can unlock their potential and secure a brighter tomorrow. President Tinubu must prioritize the youth, recognizing their immense value and providing them with a platform to shape Nigeria’s destiny.

To spur economic growth, we must create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. Multiple taxation systems have burdened enterprises and stifled innovation.

“President Tinubu must address this issue, streamlining the taxation process and reducing the burden on businesses, both large and small.

“Additionally, he should implement policies that encourage entrepreneurship, remove barriers to entry, and foster an atmosphere of innovation and creativity. By doing so, Nigeria will become a hub for investment, job creation, and sustainable economic development.

The scourge of police brutality, profiling, and harassment has plagued our society for far too long. President Tinubu must take decisive action to address these issues, ensuring the protection of citizens’ rights and rebuilding trust between law enforcement agencies and the people they serve.

“Security should be prioritized to create an environment where Nigerians can live without fear and resume agricultural activities. By ensuring the safety of our citizens, we can revitalize the agricultural sector and work towards achieving food self-sufficiency.

We must acknowledge the positive strides made by the previous administration in terms of national infrastructure and agro-production. These accomplishments have had a tangible impact on the lives of Nigerians.

“President Tinubu should build upon these foundations, using them as stepping stones to propel the nation forward. However, he should also strike a balance between local production and importation, promoting self-sufficiency while recognizing the limitations of local supply.

“Encouraging local production while lifting the ban on the importation of some commodities in order to meet demand will help reduce the high cost of food and other essential commodities.

The inauguration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu symbolizes a new dawn for Nigeria. It is a time of immense opportunity and responsibility for both the government and the people. Let us seize this moment to foster unity, optimism, and a collective resolve to build a nation that caters to the needs and aspirations of its citizens.

As we embark on this journey, we must remember that progress requires active participation and engagement from all stakeholders. It is not solely the responsibility of the government to effect change, but also the duty of every Nigerian to contribute to the betterment of our society. We must hold our elected leaders accountable, constructively voice our concerns, and actively participate in the democratic process.

President Tinubu has a unique opportunity to address the grievances of the people, empower the youth, and create an environment that fosters economic growth and security. By addressing these critical areas, he can set the stage for a Nigeria where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Let us prioritize unity over division, patriotism over partisan interests, and progress over stagnation. Through unity, we can overcome our challenges and build a nation that is the pride of Africa.

“Together, we can create an inclusive society where every Nigerian feels valued, respected, and heard.

Today, as we witness the swearing-in of President Tinubu, let us embrace the power of prayer, not only for the success of his administration but also for the collective well-being of our nation.

“Let us pray for wisdom, discernment, and guidance as our leaders navigate the complexities of governance. Let us pray for peace, harmony, and security to prevail in every corner of our beloved country.

In conclusion, the journey towards a transformed Nigeria begins today with the inauguration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“Let us set aside our differences, embrace unity, and work together towards a brighter future. May we be inspired by our shared aspirations and commitment to progress.

“Together, let us build a Nigeria that reflects the hopes and dreams of its people, a nation that shines as a beacon of prosperity, peace, and opportunity for all.

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