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December 10, 2023

Train Attack: Snakes threatening lives of 50 victims- Negotiator

A Kaduna-based publisher and spokesman to Sheik Ahmad Gumi, Malam Tukur Mamu, has raised the alarm that snake bites and life-threatening sicknesses have become the bane of the remaining passengers kidnapped by terrorists on the Abuja-Kaduna train in March.


Mamu, who was also one of the negotiators that facilitated the recent release of 11 victims, said in addition to sicknesses that are threatening the lives of many hostages, snakes are another serious issue.


Mamu told newsmen in Kaduna yesterday that: “I can confirm to you that there are many snakes in that forest. Some of them (passengers) have been bitten by snake bites, which appear frequently in the night.


The captives only have access to local treatment. “The bites as we know can be life-threatening. Government is the only authority with the means and power to end this crisis as soon as possible. And with the right approach I can assure you it can be achieved within days or weeks. We have proved that in the release of the 11 victims,” he said.


He warned that most of the remaining victims of the attack may hardly survive the next few weeks due to their deteriorating health conditions and the inhumane condition they are subjected to in the forest on a daily basis. He, however, confirmed that the victims were not being molested or beaten in any way, but warned that efforts to rescue them must be treated as a national emergency if the government wants most of them to come back alive.


Tukur Mamu said he is alerting the leadership of the country, particularly the security agencies and concerned Nigerians that something very urgent must be done immediately to save the lives of the remaining victims.

“This is not the time to politicized issues. Lives of very promising, innocent Nigerians are involved in this. Their health is deteriorating by the day.


“I believe the government is aware and has taken note of the testimony of the 11 victims that were secured. It makes me sad when issues like this should not be treated with dispatch, with the seriousness and speed it requires,” Mamu said

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