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September 30, 2023

Tips for Office Makeup

Many ladies have struggled with the kind of make up that best suits an office environment.

M a n y times, ladies wear makeup meant for red carpet or parties to office, thereby looking a bit off in their office space. Below are some tips that will make a difference for office makeup looks. Well outlined eyebrows are key. The eyebrows brings out the facial feature very well. So, no matter how outlined the eyebrows are, it is important it is the right shape that suits the face.

Most times, if the eyebrows are perfect, one may not need too much makeup for the whole face. Skin Preparation Good skin means good makeup. Do not ignore your skin. It is very important to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin even before you start your makeup.


Apply sunscreen and use a good quality primer. You do that and half of the battle is won already. Do not forget to drink lots of water as it keeps your skin hydrated. Daily office makeup Foundation Selection We recommend not to apply foundation at all unless you have lot of pigmentation and spots. We want you to look a little natural and not too perfect.

If you do, then use a world c l a s s product matching your shade. It is important to wear foundation that is exactly your s k i n tone. Do not try to look fairer and get a lighter skin tone which is exactly when your makeup starts showing and you start getting comments and looks. Be proud of your skin tone and wear a foundation which matches your skin tone.

There are several occasions where clients who are used to seeing their customers with certain kind of makeup, run into them on the streets or at a casual place and not able recognise them just because they forgot to wear makeup. This can be embarrassing. Go lighter on eyeshadow and lipstick Remember, it is an office space. You are needed to be recognisable, beautiful and classy.

A little eyeshadow and lipstick can highlight the eyes and lips features. If you must wear brighter shade of lipstick, tone down the eyeshadow a shade lighter. And if your eyeshadow is brighter, tone down the lipstick to be light.

That way, you are semi-natural. Not so natural and not completely glam. Certain shades of red and pink lipstick are allowed in different office settings. For offices which are strict on flashy colour make up, it’s important to note the following:

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