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Tinubu, Sanwo-Olu’s Appointments Unjust to Muslims –Sheikh Adangba

Founder of Wikayyat-dua Intuition Society, Sheikh Abdulrahman Adangba, has said that the appointments by President Bola Tinubu and Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu were unjust and unfavourable to the Muslims in the country. On the allegation that the South-West happened to be more favoured by Tinubu, Adangba said that it has been the trend for the Presidents in Nigeria to favour people from their tribes than others.

The Ex-Chief Missioner, Fathiu Qareeb Society of Nigeria, however was of the opinion that the Southwest are less corrupt and that Tinubu was seeking capable hands that worked during his tenure as Lagos State Governor in building the state.

In a chat with Sunday Telegraph, Adan- gba stated:”But not too good if appointments are not fair between the people of faith and there is no fair play. You will see the level of injustice but it’s okay. Muslims are just shown how much they are detested in the angle of politics in both elections and selections.

“You can also see what the Lagos state government did after seriously asking for our votes and we gave it through our pulpits and we never took a dine from them but asked that appointments should be of equal numbers.This has thought us as Muslims what will happen in subsequent elections.”

He continued:”That has been the trend in Nigeria for a long time now, any presiding President will favour his tribe and ethnic groups than any other tribe but I think he is strictly scouting for those hand he used to rebuild Lagos during his tenure therein as the Governor.

“People he selected for positions are uncompromising good for the positions he gave to them.Although I’m from the Southwest but Southwesterners are less corrupted than their counterparts from other parts of the nation.Prof. Oloyede of JAMB as an example.”

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