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TikTok Collaborates With AU Commission On Digital Safety Campaign

I n an era when digital connectivity defines daily life, TikTok, the global pioneer in short-form mobile video, has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with the African Union Commission’s Women, Gender, and Youth Directorate (WGYD), aimed at bolstering online safety awareness among the youth as well as parents, teachers and guardians in Africa. The collaboration emerges at a critical moment, addressing the urgent need for digital safety amidst the unique challenges faced by the continent.

Africa stands at a digital crossroads, with the rapid proliferation of social media platforms juxtaposed against rising concerns for the safety of its youngest citizens. The recent wave of regulatory scrutiny and the shadow of potential bans underscore the importance of proactive measures to ensure a safe online environment. Against this backdrop, TikTok and the African Union Commission (AUC) are teaming up to launch the Africa-wide #SaferTogether Campaign, aimed at educating and engaging youngsters, parents, teachers, and community leaders on digital safety through in-app and on-ground activities.

This flagship, multi-year initiative, launched at the TikTok Safer Internet Summit in Accra, Ghana and attended by various government officials and regulators from across the continent, underscores both TikTok and the AUC’s commitment to digital literacy and safety. TikTok prioritises a safe environment, enhancing security measures and partnering with the AUC to promote children’s safety and empowerment in the digital space, advancing Africa’s digitalisation for youth welfare.

By coming together for safer internet conversations, TikTok and the AUC are committed to providing valuable educational materials and guidelines aimed at crafting a positive and secure online journey for everyone involved. This initiative, combining in-app and on-ground efforts, aims to educate and empower communities on digital safety, aligning closely with the AUC’s focus on children’s safety in the digital space and the Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa.

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