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Theological education vital for growth –Prof. Oyemomi

Professor Emmanuel Oyemomi is the Rector, Baptist College of Theology, Lagos, a college set to celebrate 25 years of impacting lives. He speaks on the impact of theological education as well as the role of the Baptist College of Theology in raising competent leaders


What is the impact of theological education in governance and for leadership in Nigeria?

The impact of theological education is multifaceted, as theological education gave birth to several churches. It also gave birth to the proliferation of schools.


These are the immediate impact but in the 1950’s, primary education in those days was virtually free. If children were very intelligent, the missionaries gave scholarships to them. As a nation, we have no value for education. The people who had primary education to Standard Six in those days can be compared with graduates of today. The missionaries hired such Standard Six graduates and so many lives have been uplifted in the process.

They were hired for several jobs in public sector organizations. The impact has been there through the establishment of mission schools across the country where students were trained about the right way of living and the need to revere God in all their pursuits.

The missionaries impacted several values and seeds of godliness in the students who have since become notable leaders today.


How can theological education help our leaders?

Theological education must be given a space to shape leaders. We need to watch the track records of our leaders. Our leaders even boast that our votes mean nothing to them. We have a crop of leaders who have no track records and all they do is to manipulate. Theological education has been ostracized. In the last few years, Theological education has been waged war against. It is a threat/war against the source of peace which is God.

Theological education can have a great impact on our leaders which is a study about God. It is education that gives a transformation to be godly. In Theological education, you are taught how you must have concern for fellow human beings, when utilized, the impact is huge.

Theological Education indicates that God is indivisible, most people with sound theological education act right. Theological education can train people who will use and lead the people. Theological education has produced leaders for the country who are functioning in various places.

Theological education has helped people to be versatile but they are being massacred due to selfishness, nepotism and tribalism in the country. God authenticates theological education as we will all return to God.


What is the Role of Baptist College of Theology, Lagos in shaping lives and impacting  society?

The impact of BCT Lagos has been enormous. The goal is to produce Godliness, character formation and spiritual formation for Christian ministry. The College also provides sound spirituality to mold people’s lives for 25 years. It has continued to raise giants for the Lord. We have provided for a lot of people around the world, not only in Nigeria. We have our graduates in all states in Nigeria.

Some of our products have become prominent persons within the denominations and also in government. Several of our students have been trained and they are using their God given training to help the government and be supportive. We have our products across the globe. Most of them are in key places across the world and  this shows that the training we provide is first class.

BCT Lagos has been accredited with the Association for Christian Education in Africa in Nigeria. It has also been a campus for Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomosho. We secured full accreditation. We have secured full accreditation and have partnership with several global bodies – having a strategic focusing program is to train people to know more about God.

The college has 3600 impartations. We have trained over 1,500 graduates since inception. Our calendar of activities is stable and is not disrupted in any way. We just graduated 72 this year (2022) to join the workforce to make an impact. We have also planted almost 20 churches since inception.


Some of our graduates in the public sector/ private sectors develop skills for others and equip them. We also train the working class who after graduation are advancing the Kingdom of God and contributing to the nation’s growth.

Our graduates are the salt of the earth. We also have our trained pastors working with the Federal Government and contributing their quota. The College turns 25 this year and we are showcasing it through several activitie



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