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The Power of Social Media According to Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar

When people think of a cosmetic doctor, the first image that comes to mind is somebody stern, serious, and cold. Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar, a renowned cosmetic doctor, could not be further from that stereotype. Dr. El Muntasar is youthful, friendly, warm, and genuine. He is very active on social media and has over 636,000 followers on Instagram alone, not counting the rest of his platforms.

He is passionate about connecting with his followers and enlightening them when it comes to any questions about non-surgical procedures and cosmetic enhancement. “I made a conscious choice to move away from the stuffy stereotype of the cosmetic doctor. I want to showcase my personality, to really engage with my followers, and to create an image that they would feel comfortable to approach,” he shares, adding, “Performing a procedure on a patient, be it surgical or non-invasive, you need to build trust. This is a very personal thing, and I want my patients to really know me before we work together.”

Dr. El Muntasar uses his Instagram as a platform where he can answer any burning questions that his patients or those who are simply curious may have. “I try to lift the veil when it comes to complicated procedures. People think that the world of cosmetic surgery is a mystery, and to many, it is. But I’m here to answer questions and give detailed information,” he explains.

Currently, Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar has a very successful practice with three locations in the United Kingdom. His first-ever business was in London. He attributes the smooth operation of that clinic to the extremely efficient strategy he had created beforehand. “I am a firm believer in organization. If you think in a methodical way, which most doctors do, you will be able to create a step-by-step plan and get your clinic or whatever business you’re in off the ground,” he says.

His followers have turned into fans because they feel as if Dr. Ahmed is not only sharing knowledge in the medical field, but also serving as an inspiration for business owners and entrepreneurs. He tries to spread positivity and a mindset of ambition through his social channels. “You need to have a very strong sense of self. Knowing who you are inside and out will help you succeed. Many young business owners fail because they are pulled in too many different directions, and they don’t have that sense of self to hold on to just yet,” he explains.

Dr. El Muntasar advises his followers to simply focus on their own passions and interests and to drop the comparison with others they may be gravitating toward. “You need to do what’s right for you, and comparing yourself to somebody else is never a way to get there,” he warns. Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar’s popularity continues to grow both on and off social media as his patient roster fills up with celebrity names. He is determined to continue educating and inspiring his followers as well as making meaningful strides toward innovation in the industry.

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