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The inspiring story of Luc Longmire every aspiring entrepreneur must read

While several startups have interesting back stories, they tend to be circumstances most people can relate to. Yet some entrepreneurs have truly amazing stories that motivate and inspire. Lucas “Luc” Longmire’s background is one of those extraordinary tales.
Luc grew up in a small town in Indiana. In high school, football wasn’t just his passion, it was his life. Colleges were looking at him, and Luc’s dream was to play in the NFL. This dream was extinguished when he broke his collarbone back-to-back during the junior and senior years of high school. Yet Luc was hustling in the streets before this at just 15 years old.
Barely graduating from high school, Luc was involved in street life until he was 22 and ended up dropping out of college. He openly admits that these seven years included drug use which led to jail time, house arrest, and living in a halfway house in Indianapolis for 18 months. In all, he has served more than 20 stints under correctional supervision.
During his last six-month jail sentence, Luc read the classic self-help book How to Think and Grow Rich. From that moment, he was determined to turn his life around. After his probation ended, Luc discovered a new physical activity he loved: bodybuilding. After working at Lowes for a year, he took a job at the Gold’s Gym he worked out at, eventually becoming the center’s general manager. Four years later, he stumbled onto forex and network marketing. Luc saw a golden opportunity and left Gold’s Gym for the world of investment and entrepreneurship.
Through forex, Luc became a top earner. Through network marketing he was bringing in six figures a year, but he had a taste of success and wanted more. As he developed forex instructional classes, Luc walked away from his corporate job to launch a career as a forex coach and tax strategist. He had a lot to lose, including his income and reputation. Yet Luc was determined to never go back to a life of crime and for money to work for him instead of the other way around.
It was a big gamble, but this big risk yielded even bigger rewards. Luc went from making sux figures a year to six figures a week. Now, he has annual incomes in the seven-digit range. He has become a serial investor and entrepreneur through services as a mindset coach, trust fund tax strategist, international speaking engagements, and forex instruction.
Luc teaches people how to pursue online incomes that will generate multiple revenue streams. His success has increased during the pandemic as people seek new opportunities to improve their finances in the current economic climate. Not only does Luc provide such opportunities, he tells people to dream bigger and faster to achieve their goals in record time.
The formula is simple: turn a three-year goal into one year, one year into 90 days, and 90 days into 30. If the possibility of financial freedom isn’t motivating enough, achieving this in such a short amount of time is what drives fledgling entrepreneurs to Luc. From jail and halfway houses to the comfortable life of an investment guru, Luc’s inspiring store should be required reading for up-and-coming business leaders.

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