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The heat treatment

Sweating has been for ages used as a beauty therapy. The Mayans were said to use sweat houses 3,000 years ago for relaxation and cleansing the skin, according to Harvard Health Publications.


In Finland, heat treatment have been used for thousands of years, and one out of three Finns use heat treatment til date.


According to a Beauty Specialist based in Lagos, Taiwo Ape findings also shows that there are over a million thermal spas in the United States (U.S.) It goes without saying that visiting a spa is a fantastic way to relax and de-stress.


Taiwo Ape who have been training beauty therapists and models stated that there are so many benefits of heat treatment which saunas, steam bath come under its category.


A visit to the spa offers a great opportunity to separate yourself from life’s everyday stress and have some precious time.


Many studies indicate that various spa therapies benefit the human body on a physiological level, far beyond the relaxation experienced by visiting a spa, heat treatment is one of the spa therapies, a very sensuous experience that should leave you feeling really relaxed, and your muscles and joints very soothed. The word ‘thermal’ relates to heat.


In the context of a spa, it means that you can use facilities that harness the wellness properties of extreme heat. In a spa, heat treatments is also known as “thermotherapy”.


Types of thermotherapy includes the following; Hot tub: This is simply a tub filled with warm and bubbly water. Jacuzzi: just like hot tub, it produce heat for thermal treatment Sauna: are wooden rooms with benches on which you relax while the temperatures of up to 100C.


The humidity is 5-10% making it a dry heat, which comes from a stove or from hot stones, onto which water is poured to create steam. Steam room: A steam room features dry heat at temperatures of up to 50C, but with 100% humidity, it feels hotter and much steamier than a sauna.


Laconium: This is a less intense type of sauna. They feature lower temperatures of around 60C and humidity of 15-20%, to offer a gentler heat experience. Caldarium: This is a form of steam room, with heated walls, floors and benches.

The heat reaches 45-50C, with 100% humidity. Samarium: This is a type of sauna that has a temperature of 55- 60C and humidity of 35-50%.


Turkish bath:

Turkish bath, or Hammam, is a room heated to 25-50C with 100% humidity, in which you are massaged with oils and scrubs before they are washed away with hot water. Rasul mud chamber: This is a steam room that reaches 40-45C with 100% humidity in which you can enjoy an Arabian-inspired mud treatment.

Hydrotherapy pools:

These pools are heated to around 33-36C . They are often used as a form of treatment therapy.


Benefits of heat treatments

Relaxes the body:

As stress and tension melt away, it cleanses your skin by opening up the pores and drawing out dirt and toxins stimulate your circulation, boosting your immune system and encouraging your body to heal itself of infections and scarring. It removes calcium deposits from the blood vessels and also break down scar tissue.


It helps cure a cold, opening your airways and helping you breathe more easily, and relieving headaches and sinus problems. It eases back pain, rheumatic and muscular pain, as the heat warms and soothes the muscles and encourages better mobility in your joints.

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