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The best BBNaija ‘Level Up’ friendships that gave us all the thrills

As Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ Season 7 end today, we have witnessed the house’s many iterations of friendships and bonds blossoming and some crash-landing.

From the quest for food to actual tests of true loyalty, these housemates have shown us that even in a controlled environment such as Biggie’s house, the dynamics of life and human relationships are a key component of who we are as homosapiens.

Chomzy & Bella

This season, besides Doyin, Chomzy was the only other girl Bella had a great bond with, and they both shared warm memories in the Big Brother house. Even after Chomzy’s eviction, she admitted that the housemate closest to her is Bella.

She reminisced about their shared bond starting from the first week until she was evicted and reiterated that this remains her reason for rooting for Bella with high hopes that she wins the prize money.

Allysyn & Doyin

Allysyn & Doyin’s friendship depicts true friendships’ ups and downs. They sang, cooked and gisted about everything while they were both in the house, and when they fought, it was never over small matters. Still, they always found a way back to each other, hurts forgiven, and slates wiped clean. Doyin – the self-acclaimed ‘house therapist’ – mentioned that she was most loyal to Allysyn during her stay in the Big Brother house.

She said that her loyalty to Allysyn remains even outside the BBNaija house – a vision we are all keen to see blossom now they are both out of the house.

Amaka & Phyna

These two shared a special friendship in Big Brother’s house. They were the official ‘newscasters’, discussing house matters in their uniform (white towels) and being the in-house sleuths – going undercover to solve the mystery of the missing condoms.

They were hilarious together, and it was hard not to root for them. When Amaka got evicted in a special eviction twist, Phyna shed some tears and admitted that she would miss her a lot. Here’s hoping this friendship will continue post-BBNaija Season 7.

Phyna & Chichi

Chichi and Phyna’s friendship is one many views hope will stand the test of time. So far, their many squabbles and misunderstandings to the big blowout battle of words and gestures have many on the very edge of their seats; in either dread or excitement – you may take your pick. Despite the drama, these two still find a way – or an aligning situation – to make their way back to one another in some semblance of good terms.

When Phyna was head of the house – without hesitation – Chichi was her choice to enjoy veto power – a favour she repaid in equal measure she; ChiChi became the head of the house and secured a spot for Phyna in the finale.

You’d say, only time will tell the longevity – or not – of this friendship, giving the events unfolding in the house at present. To borrow a line from Biggie, we are always watching.

Chichi & Daniella

Chichi and Daniella are well known for holding frequent gist sessions.

They frequently talk about housemates with the best personalities and the best game plans. Chichi either relied on these shared memories or was swayed by the strength of Daniella’s pitch – note that Daniella has proved that her superpower is the wielding of words – from the list of nominees for possible eviction and thus securing for her an automatic slot in the finale alongside ChiChi & Phyna. Doyin & Bella The relationship between Doyin and Bella evolved through some interesting phases; we dare not count.


At first, Bella was hesitant about Doyin’s closeness to Sheggz – bells ringing; then, Doyin soon found herself acting as Bella and Sheggz’s in-house therapist due to their many intense and high-charged arguments. Despite their initial disagreements, Bella and Doyin found a rhythm and got along in the house, creating a friendship both seem determined to pursue outside the house. We’ll see how that plays out.

Hermes & Adekunle

The bromance between Adekunle and Hermes existed before the merging of the two houses, surviving the chasm and reaching a crescendo when Biggie deployed another of his many mind-bending twists this season. It would appear that any doubt about their friendship was dispelled when Hermes used his veto power as HOH to save Adekunle from nominations as a sign of loyalty, and both made it all the way to the penultimate week in the house – with Hermes being evicted in the 9th Week.

Theirs was a friendship of Yin Yang balance – Adekunle’s calm to Hermes’s intensity and sometimes Hermes’s wisdom as a salve to Adekunle’s wrath.

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