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Terra Jollof Seasoning Cube To The Rescue For Chefs, Caterers

Brand experts will often stress that to guarantee a product’s success with- in a specific market the product has to meet the demands of a sizable segment of that market. This age-long rule is what appears to be the driving force behind the recently launched Terra Jollof Seasoning Cube by TGI Group; one of Nigeria’s most esteemed conglomerates. Terra Jollof Seasoning Cube gained popularity by filling a significant void in the quest for the perfect seasoning to enhance the taste and flavour of Jollof rice; an indisputable delicacy in Nigerian homes.

Consumers have enthusiastically embraced Terra Jollof Cube, recognising its remarkable ability to transform a hot, sizzling pot of Jollof rice into a culinary masterpiece. Its impact has been profound, turning tasteless dishes into mouth-watering sensations. Terra Jollof seasoning cube is crafted with wholesome, locally sourced ingredients in a bid to enhance the preparation of Jollof rice. It has swiftly become the seasoning of choice for discerning consumers across the country.

Chefs and caterers all agree that Terra Jollof cube has contributed to the distinctive smoky, bottom-pot aroma and taste they get from enjoying their cherished meal. “Since my mother started cooking with Terra Jollof Cube, our family’s Jollof rice-eating experience has changed. There is a unique taste that completely differentiates it from the ones we used to buy prior to the discovery of Terra Jollof Cube,” Herbert Akande, a young caterer and a student of Lagos State University, says.

For Mrs. Saidat Inuwa, a Port Harcourt-based caterer, Terra Jollof Seasoning Cube is the perfect touch for her Jollof rice and stew. “I have been in this catering business for the past 15 years and I haven’t seen anything close to Terra Jollof Seasoning Cube. The seasoning cube is the ideal seasoning for Jollof rice and even stew. Terra Jollof Cube has taken my Jollof rice cooking to a whole new level, not to mention my stew, it is an exciting experience for me,” she says.

Also, Felix Ibe, a chef and an Instagram sensation believes Terra Jollof Seasoning Cube is the biggest revolution that has taken place in an attempt to make Jollof rice tasty and flavourful. “I consider the advent of the Terra Jollof Seasoning Cube as a positive development that has taken place in efforts made so far to find a seasoning that best suits the making of jollof rice. As a chef of many years standing, I know the dramatic changes I have witnessed and how customers in our hotel have warmed up to the Jollof rice that I prepare with the Terra Jollof Seasoning Cube.

With Terra Jollof Cube you do not need a lot of tomato paste” he says. Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group notes that Terra Jollof Cubes symbolises the understanding of what consumers’ value in their tasty, bottom-pot, flavourful Jollof rice. “We developed Terra Jollof Cubes after years of in-depth research, studying and understanding the consumers’ palate and taste preferences in various regions as well as their ways and patterns of cooking Jollof rice.

We unearthed rich insights from these studies that guided us in developing the very special recipe for Terra Jollof Cube that is now being so widely appreciated by consumers. “As the word of Terra’s unique impact in making Jollof rice so special spreads, we know more and more consumers would include Terra Jollof Cubes in their pot of Jollof rice to achieve that extraordinary Jollof experience” he says.

While Deepanjan Roy, the Group Executive Director Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group, an international investment and holding company, with diversified interests and investments across Africa, The Middle East, Asia and other emerging markets, says that the company is delighted with the positive feedback and is confident that Terra Jollof Cubes is achieving its objective of elevating the taste and aroma of Jollof rice across homes, restaurants and on celebratory occasions.

“We saw a vacuum in the area of giving our consumers a seasoning cube that is tailor-made for their Jollof rice cooking, and we went ahead to fill it.” he says. Terra Seasoning Cubes are made of wholesome, carefully sourced essential ingredients specially designed to meet the discerning Nigerian consumers’ needs in every meal, offering great taste, flavour and aroma for that unique cuisine experience.

Every meal cooked with the seasoning cube guarantees an enjoyable meal and a rich signature homemade taste experience. It is available in Beef, Chicken, Shrimp and Jollof flavours, in various consumer-friendly pack sizes nationwide.

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