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Tariff Hike: Electricity Workers’ Union Threaten To Withdraw Staff

Following the increment in electricity tariff, the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) has threatened to withdraw its staff if not quickly reversed. Rejecting the new hike, the union, which is the representative body for employees across the generation, transmission, and distribution sectors, posited that the decision to escalate tariffs does not align with the interests of the masses.

According to the National President of the Union, Engr. Adebiyi Adeyeye, in a statement made available to New Telegraph yesterday, said the increment will further add to the economic hardship in the country. Calling for an urgent reversal of the policy, NUEE said: “If the government fails to address the crippling cost of electricity, NUEE will not hesitate to take strong action, including the swift withdrawal of our members expected to be used by Discos to impose the tariff hike on the good people, to protect the livelihood of our members.

“Upon thorough review of the commission’s announcement, it has become evident that the decision to escalate tariffs does not align with the interests of the masses. NUEE vehemently opposes any policy that burdens the Nigerian people, particularly the less privileged. “I am deeply concerned about the burden this increase places on our members and the general masses, particularly during a challenging economic climate like this. “While we recognise the need for investment in the power sector, I believe a focus on improved efficiency and reduced energy losses should be prioritised before further tariff adjustment.

“The proposed tariff hikes, especially for Band A consumers, will disproportionately affect everyone that relies heavily on electricity for their daily needs. This shift in pricing dynamics threatens to exacerbate inequalities, favouring the affluent while placing undue strain on the less fortunate segments of society. “The rising cost of electricity directly impacts household budgets, forcing difficult choices between essential needs and paying electricity bills.

For businesses, the increased cost of electricity translates to higher production costs. This can lead to price hikes for goods and services, further fuelling inflation and hindering economic growth,” Adeyeye said. The union stressed that no consultation was made with any stakeholder before flagrantly violating the Provisional Power Sector Reform Act, 2023 as amended, saying: “Since the privatisation in 2013, there have been seven different tariff increases.

Yet, nothing meaningful has been done to enhance the worker’s welfare other than engaging them in modern-day slavery. No appreciable improvement has been made in the power sector since the privatisation,” Adeyeye added. “I, however, call upon all Nigerians to join us in raising our voices against this injustice.

Together, we can force the government to prioritise the well-being of its citizens over corporate interests. “Our unwavering commitment remains to safeguard the interests of our members and ensure equitable access to electricity for all Nigerians.”

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