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Suspected internet fraudsters filmed eating live chicken

A new video which trended online, on Thursday, has shown a group of suspected internet fraudsters eating live chicken as a native doctor performed rituals on them. In the viral video, the young men can be seen dancing to loud music as they devour the live chicken in the presence of a ritualist, who was busy chanting incantations. The boys were seen struggling with one another over who gets the biggest bite off a chicken that is yet to be defeathered nor cooked while the bird struggles.

In the very graphic video, the ritualist continued to chant incantation as smoke popped out of a fetish pot. According to social media user, Godwin Ego, who shared the video on Twitter, the incident happened in Anambra and it wasn’t surprising to residents of the com- munity which has been besieged with flocks of internet fraudsters who back up their scamming routines with supernatural powers.

The video had social media users reacting. One Twitter user with the handle @jackeilhan tweeted; “When will this foolishness end? All these nonsensical acts and rituals and they still won’t make it to the Forbes list.

All they’d do is pop champagne, buy flashy cars and expensive clothes.” Another one, Frank Solomon responded; “No be only yahoo boys dey do this kin rituals. politicians, your favorite musicians rich people for Nigeria. Sebi this one na chicken, all these people na human blood they drink. Rituals to stay on top, to be rich and do find favor anyhow Why won’t Nigeria be so dark and sickening” while Jenny Okoro retorted; “So long as they don’t do this with human parts, it’s their business.”

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