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December 8, 2023

Sultan: Why Nigeria is in trouble

…calls for special prayer against incessant killings in North, Nigeria

The Sultan of Sokoto and the President General of Jama’atu Nasril Islam, (JNI), Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, Sunday gave reasons Nigeria is in trouble.

He said the problem Nigeria found herself was due to the citizen’s misdeeds, corruption and political recklessness.

The royal father, however, asked Muslims across the country to hold special prayers called Al-Qunut against banditry, insurgency and political rascality causing loss of lives in the country.

He said that supplications and invocation of God is the greatest weapon of believers, especially Nigerians at a difficult time like this.

In a statement issued Sunday through the Secretary–General of JNI, Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu, the Sultan said government at all levels should brace-up to the daunting challenges of good governance, reminding them that there is the Day of Reckoning before God.

 “To the Muslims Du’a is sine qua non in all circumstances of our lives, especially in moments of grief which we have now unfortunately found ourselves in Nigeria, as a result of our misdeeds, corruption and political recklessness cum arrogance. The call for prayer has for that reason become necessary as nothing is honourable before Allah (SWT) than His servant to be humble and submissive through prayers to Him.

“For whomever, to whom the door of prayer is opened, will have his prayers answered in-sha’Allah. Supplication/invocation to Allah, the Almighty, is undoubtedly dearer to Him and a surest way to attaining requests put before Him by His repentant servants. Allah says ‘And remember your Lord by your tongue and within yourself, humbly and in awe, without loudness, by words in the morning and in the afternoon, and be not among those who are neglectful’ Q7:205.

“Owing to the above, His Eminence, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto and the President-General, JNI, uses this medium to call on the Nigerian Muslim Ummah to engage in sustained supplications/prayers at this moment of grief, through Qunootun-Nawazil (special prayers at calamitous periods in the last Raka’at of each obligatory prayer and non-obligatory prayers).

“This call has become imperative bearing in mind that human lives have continued to be exterminated and even immolated unchallenged as we saw in Beni-sheikh, Kaga Local Government Area of Borno State and Gidan Bawa, Isa Local Government Area of Sokoto State. Muslims are therefore implored to fervently and faithfully resort to Allah, the Exceedingly Beneficent and Benevolently Merciful in the face of these calamities by engaging in: (i) Al-Qunoot in the last Raka’ah of each obligatory and non-obligatory prayers, specifically to seek intervention from Allah (SWT); (ii) observance of Adhkar (remembrance of Allah); (iii) supplications in Sujood (prostrating position) in all circumstances and (iv) Du’a (prayers) at all times, particularly that there is seeming anxiety and palpable fear that has elicited many citizens’ minds in recent time. We should sincerely devote time at nights and call unto Allah, the Responder to prayers.

“The Sultan further calls on all Imams, Majaalis (knowledge seeking gatherings), Halqas (study circles), Madaaris and Makarantun Allo (Islamic schools), as well as the leadership of all Muslim organizations/societies’ in Nigeria to commence special prayers in calamitous situations and trying times (Qunootun-Nawazil), and seek Allah’s compassion for Nigeria and the North in particular.

“Muslims are as well urged to be introspective and should embrace more Dhikr (remembrance of Allah), through glorification of Allah, Istighfar (seeking Allah’s forgiveness) and ceaseless Du’a (prayers and invocations), for ease and relief in these trying moments.

 “The Muslim Ummah is also called upon to intensify ‘Adhkar’ (calling on Allah with the tongue), especially the prescribed morning and evening ones. The Muslims should eschew all forms of disobedience to Allah (SWT), repent and go back to the ways of the Lord of the universe. While Imams must not relent on recommencing the Qunootun-Nawazil, seeking Allah’s intervention for an end to these repeated sad exterminations.

 “This call has become inexorable because prayers remain the most powerful instrument upon which we beseech Allah (SWT) for His intervention in dealing with evil plotters, as well as Satan himself. In fact, the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said: ‘He who remembers his Lord and he who does not remember his Lord are like the living and the dead’.

“Therefore, we call on all Muslim brethren to see it as a point of duty to always pray against kidnapping and/or abduction, Boko Haram cum ISWAP insurgency, political rascality and all forms of criminalities during each supplication to Allah, the Most Knowledgeable. May Allah, the Most Merciful forgive all victims of the killings and bless them with ‘shahadah’.

“May He console their respective families and strengthen them to bear the loss. May He also assist, direct and energize those in authorities willing to discharge their first responsibility of protecting lives and properties. Amin. May the enemies of the Nigerian state be destroyed and their plans be disseminated on them. Amin. On the other hand, children at family levels and in mosques should be taught how to say Amin during supplication/prayer periods, because they are minors and their prayers are answered faster.

“Lastly, we once again reiterate that government at all levels should brace-up to the daunting challenges of good governance, knowing fully that there is the Day of Reckoning before the Lord,” the Sultan said.

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