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Study: Caffeine vapes could damage lungs, cause cancer

Vaping, which has long been shrouded in controversy, has often been touted as a ‘safer’ alternative to smoking, recent research has found it can lead to permanent lung injuries. Findings of a study published last week found that while vaping was ‘much safer’ than smoking traditional cigarettes, it was still linked to eight different lung diseases.

But it’s not just nicotine vapes that are pressed to the nations’ lips. Recently, wellness companies have adopted the gadgets, and pumped them full of ‘health-boosting’ or ‘energy-dosing’ substances, from vitamin B12 to melatonin. According to a 2022 Stanford University study, around one in five teenagers use non-nicotine vapes. And the most popular has to be those containing caffeine – such as Eagle Energy, costing $25-30 for two, which claim to provide a ‘natural energy boost without unintended byproducts.

However, exper ts have issued grave warnings saying, puffing on vapes involves serious risks – including permanent injuries like bronchiolitis, otherwise known as popcorn lung, and EVALI, painful lung damage that can lead to lasting scarring. Bronchiolitis is an infection of the respiratory tract which can make breathing hard. Additionally, experts warned that the marketing of the devices – in rainbow colours and featuring terms like ‘wellness’ – can potentially lure in teenagers and children, reported the ‘Daily Mail’.

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