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‘Strongest factor for success is self-esteem’, says Brighttiss CEO, Titi Dama


As common as the word self-esteem may sound, it is one of the most eluding characteristic in a lot of individuals. It has been described as self-respect and confidence in one’s own worth or abilities.

It is an evident defect in many youths who battle with internal emptiness alongside other external factors. However, international beauty therapist, Priskeylia Tifu Dama, better know as Titi Dama, is emphasising to aspiring African entrepreneurs the need for self-confidence as prerequisite for success.

Titi Dama, who is a seasoned entrepreneur herself, has spoken at various fora about how she took on confidence that has taken her to the top of her career as a globally-reckoned beauty expert.

“The strongest factor for success is self-esteem: Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it and believing you’ll get it,” Titi Dama wrote on her Instagram page

The Cameroonian, who started business a few years ago after an entrepreneurship programme, launched two brands; Braids by Titi, which has two outlets in the US and Brighttiss, an online cosmetic company, are well known ventures across the world.

Titi Dama’s success as a businesswoman has been deliberate and intentional. She followed every principle of success and it does not come as a surprise on the level of the growth of her company.

“The turning point in my quest for entrepreneurship was a period when I attended entrepreneurship summit years back. The experience was a game-changer for me. It gave me a new dimension and direction on how to effectively run a business productively without getting frustrated,” Titu Dama penned on her instagram page.

Speaking in an interview with reporters, Titi Dama said: “I thank God I did not pass on the opportunity to acquire such a positive experience. I will advise youths to maximize every opportunity that comes with acquiring useful information and knowledge in their various fields, niches and businesses.”

She added: “Early mentorship is one vital aspect that would have helped during my early years. It gives you a huge edge about learning from the mistakes that your mentors have made in their entrepreneurship journey. It enhances smooth-sailing and rapid progress in business. So, I will advise entrepreneurs that are just starting to please get a business mentor from whom they can adequately learn the ropes.”

The elegant and beautiful Priskeylia Tifu Dama is the brains behind the world’s safest whitening lotion; Brighttiss Formule Renforcee.

The enterprising Titi Dama has its customers across the globe assured that the company’s products are tested and safe.

Brighttiss is one of the most patronised brands for skin lightening, dark spot correction, skin exfoliation and age spot removal, with not less than 20 different products that cut across face, body, hand and feet products categories.

“Our products have been approved and tested by dermatologists and are safe for all skin types, that is because Brighttiss contains natural safe ingredients. We guarantee our products do not contain any steroids, Hydroquinone or Mercury. Your safety and good health are our top priorities,” Titi Dama explained.

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