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South East Youths To Govs: Disband Ebubeagu security outfit now

The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL), the apex socio- political youth group in the South East geopolitical zone, yesterday, protested against the Ebubeagu security outfit in Aba, Abia State, alleging that the outfit was being used by “some South East governors to kill our youths in their prime while leaving the real Fulani terrorists and Jihadists to be moving freely in our forests and bushes kidnapping our people, raping our women and killing our people at will.”

The group also alleged that “the Enugu – Port Harcourt Expressway, mainlytheboundary between Abia and Imo State, have been taken over by Fulani terrorists and kidnapperswhokidnapourpeopleon dailybasisandnothingserious have been done to arrest these criminals committing such atrocities on Igbo soil.” “Ebubeagu,” according to COSEYL, “killed 21 innocent youths returning from a traditional marriage in Awomama, Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State, accusing themof being banditswhereas the real criminals who are the FulaniJihadistsandterrorists are left unchecked in the zone.” Wielding banners with inscriptions: “We Don’t Want Ebubeagu in South East;” “It is Now A Crime to be A Youth in Imo State;” “Hope Uzodinma Should Resign Immediately ForKilling 21IgboYouths With Ebubeagu;” “Ebubeagu Must Go;” “Ebubeagu is A Curse;” “Hope Uzodinma Must Resign.”

ThegroupsaidEbubeaguis not needed in Igbo land. COSEYL said, through its President-General, Goodluck Ibem, that it was taking the protest to Imo State after Aba, because Governor Hope Uzodinma has committed so much crime against humanity with Ebubeagu Security Outfit, adding: “Over 25,000 innocent youths have been secretly killed by Ebubeagu security outfit and other security operatives under his watch.

After Imo State, we will proceed to Enugu and Ebonyi states respectively.” Recall that the Ebubeagu Security Network is a regional security network set up by the five governors of Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo states to tackle the rise of insecurityintheSouthEastregion. However, the activities of Ebubeagu have only been noticed in two states of Ebonyi and most recently Imo State, where they have been accused of all manner of extrajudicial killings and inhuman practices.

The killing of about 14 youths last month in Imo State was linked to Ebubeagu; a storytheImoStatepropagandists described as an unfounded, maintaining that those killed were bandits and that the Department of Security Services carried out the onslaught in their camp in Awomama.

The difference between the government’s position and the reports in the public domain has generated many reactions, leading toprotestsin the affected areas of Oru West andOruEastlocalgovernment areas of Imo State. NewTelegraph reportsthat the protest escalated to Abia State yesterday, although the presence of Ebubeagu Security Network since its formation has not been noticedanywhere in Abia. The protesters moved from the Ariaria International Market axis, through Faulks Road and proceeded to Aba-Owerri Road through Brass Road and moved all over Aba North Local Government Areas, chanting anti-Ebubeagu songs.

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