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Soludo Will Always Have My Back

Before delving into the main issue of this opinion, let me quickly dispel fake news that Prof CC Soludo, the governor of Anambra State has turned his back on APGA and set to join the centre ruling APC. This unfounded speculation has caused some disquiet in the state.

I don’t need to be the governor’s spokesperson to dispel this as fake news, one of the things we must guard and fight against. People sit in their comfort zones and without check or verification type any absurdity cooked by their fertile imagination and pushes such nonsense into the media space in the name of online journalism and citizen reporters.

Truth is that Governor Soludo is not joining APC and will not join APC to win Anambra election in 2025, but as governor, he recognises that we cannot all be in the same tea cup. He is open and committed to working and cooperating with all persons irrespective of political affiliation for the good and prosperity of Anambra State.

This, he has demonstrated both in his actions and words. On the 20th of May 2024, I effectively ended my tour of duty as Transition Chairman, a journey that commenced on the 3rd of August 2022. Within the period we made sacrifices to make Anambra better despite the antics of some solution deniers opposed to the ‘Solution is Here’ agenda.

They came in different shades from within the party and outside the party. There are those inside the party who think of themselves as more Catholic than the Pope. I recall when I was first appointed into government, without any proof, they framed the fake news that I was not a member of the party whereas I am not just a member of the party but a foundation member. I am not a card-carrying member of any party other than APGA.

But I must admit that I have friends across all the parties. Sometimes my professional callings as a Political Consultant have seen me consult for a wide spectrum of people. Fake news is still thriving and also mischaracterizing the governor, just like the wide and viral speculation that he has dumped APGA for APC. We also faced opposition from some individuals in the community of clergies, traditional institutions and the business communities.

These are people opposed to change and anything that will disrupt their stranglehold on the resources that need to be freed to return teachers back to the classrooms in public schools; because they operate private schools they oppose any attempt to make public schools function optimally.

They became angry solution deniers because the governor was providing life changing skills for jobless youths that were before now ready-made thugs, prostitutes and sometimes paid to hire murderers. The tax payer’s money was needed to fix the roads, provide clean portable waters, fix the hospitals, deliver on free antenatal care and resolve many other issues faced by the people.

As he kept pressing on his agenda to make the home land safe and prosperous, they kept fighting him and I envisaged them continuing in their fight as he persisted in pushing his solution agenda. They will stop at nothing to distract him from achieving his set goals, including out rightly stopping him.

As the proudest and fierce solutionist that I am, I was a witness to how Mr Governor wavers off the pressures piled on him, and how some people kept on coming to him to tell him “how a bad politician he is”. “How his predecessors behaved to get re-elected” and of-course how “he needed to carry them along” – euphemism for opening the treasury for looting or look the other way as the pocket revenues collected from the poorest of the poor.

Sometimes these words get to me, and any opportunity I had to speak to him on some of the issues, he tells me as he had often told many others: “I applied for this job and the people hired me. I committed to serve ndi Anambra. I promised this when I ran. And I’m going to deliver on my promise”. Soludo wasn’t a cipher, he was a messenger. On every of his campaign runs from his first governorship attempt, has always stuck to a particular message.

Anambra is in a mess and can be made better. He is conscious that the old order needs to be deconstructed, and that the deconstruction will be met with opposition which requires that he will need to fight his way through. You cannot turn our chaotic state to Dubai and Taiwan without a fight. I am proud that the governor is holding ground as a strong politician.

He never ceases to remind us that Anambra is a state with great economic potential, that we are a state with a culture that unites us, so we need to team up to make it safe, liveable and prosperous. Governor Soludo is passionate about the masses, he cares about them and how his leadership impacts them.

He sings the Anambra anthem with delight and shows his allegiance to our common goal, this was why he hired 5000 teachers and another set of 3000 coupled with his massive financial youth empowerment programme popularly known as ‘One Youth Two Skills’. Our job for the 20 months that we served as Transition Chairmen was to take the solution agenda out to the people at the grassroots.

We did this effectively For those wondering about my political future, I need not leave that to any further speculations. I love this game, I love the transformation going on in the state and glad I was part of it. Whether in or out of office I love the governor and I love the party. I will in my modesty continue to contribute to the success of the government.

At this moment, the future of our progressive party and political survival of the governor are interwoven and conjoined. If you love Anambra, you must set partisan politics aside and support the re-elected of Soludo for a second term. I will not turn my back on him. At the same time, I urge my other colleagues not to turn their back on him.

This must not be a dog eat dog situation. We owe our allegiance to the ‘Solution Agenda’ and the re-election of Governor Soludo for a second term. If Soludo gives you his word, you can be sure he will keep his words. I believe in him and admire his courage and commitment to deliver on his manifesto.

All we need is to come together as people and in the spirit of Anambra, unite behind him. In Anambra we have an unwritten rule on zoning which the people have come to respect, and it seems that this is an arrangement that has come to stay. The zoning system was instituted by former governor Peter Obi who was from the Central.

On completion of his tenure, he impressed on ndi Anambra that the next governor will come from the North. Despite some feeble marginal opposition, the people voted for zoning. That experiment produced Governor Willy Obiano from the North as beneficiary.

The North, like the Central, held office for eight years. Upon completion of his tenure, Obiano respected the unwritten accord by transferring power to the South with Governor Soludo holding the position in trust for the North. It is expected that the South will complete eight years, after which power shall be yielded to the Central.

The only way to sustain this accord is to allow Soludo to complete the eight years of the North. Anything other than this will cost a disruption which will not just hurt the Central, but the state will not recover from such disruption. It is in the interest of all the zones that the unwritten accord is respected. I therefore urge desperate and ambitious politicians to take a pulse of the people and lower their ambitions.

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