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Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa introduces acne treatment for all skin types



Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa, Nigeria’s unrivaled skin beauty care company, has introduced an unprecedented acne solution suitable to all skin types.

Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa, a revolutionary company in skincare therapy founded by elegant and visionary Mimi Whyte Femi,  11 years ago.

The company’s reputation has been mountain top since inception, owing to the quality of services and life-transforming products from its stable. Its new discovery, the Arabian White Luxury Cream, formulated with super effective ingredients which helps to achieve the fairest skin, has got unbelievable reviews by customers worldwide.

Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa has been at the forefront of reinventing the industry. The Tea Tree Acne Set is a new product alert from the company. The solution is perfectly manufactured as an ideal maintenance face set perfect for all skin types. Not only does the product helps clear off the skin blemish, it also tackles and prevent all acne issues, helps to smoothen, clarify, even-out and glow-up the natural skin tone.

Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa is the refuge for aesthetic skin and body care. Supervised by the board-certified Aesthetic laser Operator and skin therapist, Mimi Whyte Femi, the company offers extraordinary cosmetic permanent results using cutting edge technology in the relaxing atmosphere of a spa.

Sharing recently during a live chat on the company’s Instagram handle, Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa boss Mimi Whyte Femi disclosed that passion to provide solutions to skin problems people have lived with for years, among others, and not just profit-making alone, are the reasons she decided to go into skincare and beauty spa.

“Majority of entrepreneurs in the sector have either a personal beauty-challenge experience while growing up or have a lifelong passion for the beauty interests, which propelled them to fill a need and consequently found a skincare and beauty business,” said Mimi Whyte Femi.

Speaking further, the founder of Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa said: “I have always had a passion for this. I derive an inner joy in helping everyone treat or solve their skin issues. While growing up, I used to help my sisters, aunties or friends get products for their acne. That was where my passion came from. And today, it is the driving force of my business pursuits.

“I also started this business because I once battled acne for a long time and my parents bought different products and tried everything in the books for me that didn’t work. Eventually, I researched and then was able to produce a product that cleared my face. That is to tell you that I understand the frustration that comes with it.”

On how far Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa has come in the industry since it started business in 2012, Mimi Whyte Femi submitted that: “Our spas in Abuja and Lagos have the world’s most sought-after aesthetics machines and our skincare products are manufactured to the highest standards and cater to all forms of skin needs and desires. Therefore, they compete favourably in the international market.”

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