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Setting up Sonaira Business World, dream come true – CEO


Those who become entrepreneurs must have been nursing the dream for a long time, says, Sonia Omon-Obehi Ovuehor, CEO of Sonaira Business World.
According to her, there is nothing like accidental business owners. One must have been nursing the idea for some time and even perhaps trying their hands on some forms of trading or commercial activities before then the business is established.
Omon-Obehi Ovuehor gave an example of her own odyssey prior to founding Sonaira Business World.
“Over a decade ago, I started business as a very young student. I sold cosmetics, thrift clothes, shoes and bags. Then I worked intermittently during the incessant academic strikes. Once I graduated, I worked in a telecommunications company, then moved on to work in a construction company. Lastly, I worked in a beauty company. Thereafter, I moved on to establish a small and medium scale enterprise in 2015 and by 2017, we are fully in business,” she recounted.
Sonaira Business World, the enterprise she founded, is focused on wholesale and retail of varieties of products including skincare products, human hair, adult and children fashion and pleasure toys.
“We are also active in real estate and logistics business,” she added, pointing out that “anyone can see the influence of the various experiences I had in the past in the what is now Sonaira Business World.”
She further underscored her point: “Nobody wakes up one morning and suddenly becomes an entrepreneur. Every notable entrepreneur you have around today had been nursing the ambition and also practising on a small scale for years or months before they became the big-time entrepreneurs they are today. In my own case, Sonaira Business World is a dream come true.”

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