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Seth Nizami: Monetary Success Means Nothing without Peace and Purpose


What does success look like to you? Does $40 to $1,000,000 in six months sound like success to you? Seth Nizami accomplished just that. Through strong strategy, extreme patience and careful research, Nizami turned pocket change into a fortune. As impressive as that is, however. Seth doesn’t view that as his greatest success. To him, success was finding peace and purpose in his life.

By the time he was in his 20’s, Seth Nizami had already built two successful careers. At seventeen, he entered the club promoting scene and quickly established himself as one of the premier promoters in California. He followed this success by launching a marketing company that still makes him great money to this day. Despite his success, he felt alone, unhappy, and unfulfilled. “I had a lot of social anxiety and loneliness from my childhood and just the nature of my work.” A pivotal moment was when he looked at his phone contacts. “I had 21,000 contacts on my phone, and barely knew ten of the people.” At this moment, he realized something needed to change.

When the world shut down for the pandemic, Seth continued to down-spiral before taking action. He started to read. A lot. Over the course of a few months, he read books from John Maxwell, Patrick Ben-David, and others. “I really just took the time to build a better mindset and take care of myself.” The result? A new and improved Seth. As he improved his thoughts, his life started to change. His health improved, his business improved, and he began to find a new purpose. During this time, he also began to study cryptocurrency and started to trade. In a few months, he had made thousands, in a few more months he had made a cool million dollars. His strategy? Betting on all the “horses.” While most only focus on a few of the well known coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Nizami looks at the big picture. “There are over 11,000 tokens in cryptocurrency, I study and try to enter as many of those positions as I can.”

Having turned his strategy into a science, Seth is now looking to teach others his techniques. But again, he is doing it differently than others. Rather than charge for his course, he is looking to give it back for free. Why? His answer was genuine. “Money isn’t everything, but no one should have to live paycheck to paycheck.”

In his course, he will teach you how to understand positions, find access to lesser known tokens, and to manage risk. He does not guarantee that you will have the same quick success that he had, but he does believe that crypto and his course is a path for many to take into financial freedom.

If you are interested in connecting with Seth, follow his on Instagram: @SethANizami

If you are an interested in learning more about crypto, click here:

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