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See What You Can Do To Better Your Life – LASG Urges Youths

…we can not be a society of complainants

Youths in Lagos have been advised to take advantage of poverty eradication initiatives made available through various government parastatals and agencies, to improve their socio-economic lives and contribute their quota to national economic development.

Speaking Sunday at an event organised by the state’s Ministry of Agriculture, the deputy governor of Lagos, Dr Hamzat Obafemi Kadri, advised youths in the state to shun complaints about economic hardship without steps taken to address issues.

He added that the state has provided opportunities for training in various empowerment skills and also provides start-up grants to qualified citizens.

Held at the Muri Okunola Gardens, themed: “A Fusion of Flavours”, the Lagos Food Festival is organised yearly by the state in connection with the Association of Culinary Arts Practitioners of Nigeria, to showcase the rich culinary heritage of Lagos as well as promote investment in Agribusiness. It is also part of the state government’s effort to deepen the state economy through the promotion of Micro, Small, and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMSE), especially in the food production subsector.

While urging citizens to seek information about how they can harness empowerment training and funding avenues offered by the state, Hamazat, who was in the company of Secretary to the State Government, Barrister Bimbo Salu-Hudeyin, Commissioner for Agriculture, Abisola Olusanya and other top government functionaries, said: “We cannot be a nation of complainants, let’s go and do something” he urged. While also declaring that Sunday’s event is all about “young people mostly showing their talents and making money”

Speaking, he stated: “The avenue is there, the Ministry of Agriculture every year empowers thousands of people. Our children in Badagry, Ikorodu among others, with all sorts of empowerment, from poultry to aquaculture plugins, so that you can develop your life as a Lagosian, that to me is the message.

“If you google The Lagos website you will see numerous programs being sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Women Affairs and Wealth Creation, and other agencies created by the Governor Babajide Administration to assist the citizens.

“Information is power, key in, see what you can do to better your life” he urged.

He continued by saying: “So we cannot be a society, just sitting and complaining” Hamzat continued, saying: “We can see all these young people doing various things, that lady that was doing yam chips, if you go to the supermarket you see potato chips, imported.

Pointing at the mass of kiosks and pavilions of sales exhibitors of diverse food items both processed and fresh, the Deputy Governor urged Lagosians to consider ways of helping themselves and the nation to economic prosperity.

He said: “Those people, they are graduates, they are doing yam chips, they are exporting it and making money, so they are looking inward to say how can we add value and be successful. That is what I see here, prosperity, ingenuity, innovation, and the spirit of Lagos.

“So my charge to everybody is let’s look at what we can do to add value when you do that, the society gets better and you get better yourself and we can improve this country. That for me is what even this event is all about.

He also hailed the fact that the annual event has gained more popularity among youths, saying, “You can see that every year it’s changing, even the demographics of people coming the first year there are lots of older people, this year you can see lots of younger people.”

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