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Secrets behind herbal brand, KolaqAlagbo’s success

The generally acclaimed first herbal e-commerce platform in Nigeria has continued to lead the pack in the herbal business. Apart from being the first to go electronic with a huge presence on social media, particularly, Instagram they have pretty much changed the landscape in which they operate by offering mouthwatering marketing opportunities as well as doing things in tandem with the generation X ideals.

When they arrived at the scene no other herbal brand was deploying any form of technology to drive their market but Kolaqalagbo went online and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Nobody believed one could sell alternative remedy online without proper consultation. We are the first herbal brand online e-commerce in sales and services. People were used to the hawking and scruffy means of herbal practice. We have rebranded herbal practice and make it well known through social media. We started online then expansion brought us in touch with so many aspects of herbal practice,” says the founder, Olayemi Omotolani Abeeb Lateef in a recent interview.

Going online and electronic was the first step in standing out among peers. And at the time no serious brand influencers wanted to identify with herbal brands, Kolaqalagbo stepped into the fray and have celebrities doing much of their work for them in terms of promotion.

Right now, their brand influencers are Davido, B-Red and Nollywood actress, Sotayo Sobola. In early 2019 the duo of Toyin Lawani, the boss lady at Tiannah Empire and former Big Brother Naija star, Teddy A penned a contract with the company as brand influencers. This saw the birth of many raunchy videos and photo shoots by the duo.

Eniola Badmus, Pasuma Wonder, Nkechi Blessing, Berbiedoll, Mr Jollof, Cute Biola and many others have all identified with the brand at one time or other.

Kolaqalagbo was established in 2012 as Kolaqalagbo Service Limited with a view to redefining excellence in herbal practice in Nigeria and global communities. Contrary to general notion that the company is into the aphrodisiac business, Kolaqalagbo proffers solution to many illnesses and ailments, including but not limited to venereal diseases, general infections, cardiovascular diseases, high blood sugar, malaria and many more.

Their best selling products which are being celebrated by the young and old are their alcoholic drinks brands; Kolaqalagbo Bitters, 4Ka X tea and Do D Do Bitters.

Apart from changing the face of herbal business in Nigeria, Kolaqalagbo has offered employment opportunities to many in form of commissions. There are many vendors who sell their products for commissions.

Their factory boasts of more than 180 workers including actual staff of 18 and contract staff numbering over 20. The company also has commission plans for distributors which stand as employment opportunities and side hustle for so many people.

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