“If the event described above shocked us a little, what happened next was card-carrying PDP members of Rivers State got appointments in our APC Federal Government left us completely confused and very upset.

“Those being rewarded are PDP members who spent huge State resources trying to destroy APC in Rivers State since 2013 and failed, primarily because these loyal APC members here resisted them fiercely.

“Your Excellency would be shocked that as we address you in this meeting, the Rivers State Chapter of the APC has no representation at any level of governance in our country. There isn’t a single Rivers APC member appointed at any level of the Federal, State or Local Government.”

While welcoming the delegation, Ganduje reassured them that the ruling party would look into their request and pass the same to the president for urgent consideration.

According to the APC national chairman, compensation in politics is an important factor that can’t be ignored, especially in the process of reconciliation.

“I believe we have taken the right way to rebuild APC in Rivers State; the party that we know its history. So, we assure you the founding members of APC in the state. We know how much you suffer. We cannot allow your suffering to wither away like that. We will do our best to protect you. Compensation in politics is very important.

“We are taking this up for consideration. And I assure you. We have your leadership. The gubernatorial candidate is here. The party chairman and other caliber of members are also here.

“But I think with this your determination to rebuild the party, we urged to create an even environment to keep your doors open so that those who left the party, no matter how big they are in another party where they went for sabbatical leave, can come back to their original base,” he noted.