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Reps Propose 1% From Consolidated Revenue For AIDs, TB, Malaria

The House of Representatives Committee on HIV AIDs, Tuberculosis and Malaria (ATM) has proposed the allocation of one per cent of the Consolidated Revenue of the Federal Government to tackle HIV/AIDS and other public health diseases.

The Chairman of the Committee, Amobi Ogah who briefed his colleagues at the end of the National Agency for the Control of AIDS, NACA and House ATM Committee retreat held at the National Assembly on Tuesday explained that the decision followed a careful analysis of NACA’s capacity, performance and experience and for the sustenance of the fight against all public health diseases and to reduce over-dependence on foreign aids

He stated that there is a lack of coordination of efforts and responses to public health diseases, stressing the need to amend the NACA Establishment Act of 2007, to restructure NACA to a multi-sector agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria, that will coordinate responses to HIV/ AIDS, and other public health threats such as viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, ulcer, leprosy and malaria.

He reiterated the commitment of the committee to reviewing the anti-discrimination Act of 2014 to ensure relevance and to further the dialogue on the stigmatisation of patients who suffer from these diseases.

Among the decisions taken at the retreat held recently in Lagos with the theme: “Leadership for Sustainability of the HIV Response – The Role of the Legislature” were the need to provide Legislative interventions that will facilitate the domestic production of HIV drugs and commodities, thereby promoting Local Content within the sector,

“It includes the call on all non-governmental agencies and other non-state actors who are working in the sector to register with NACA or the New Agency and subject themselves to oversight by the National Assembly to promote accountability, transparency and national security and sovereignty of our nation.

Besides, it entails the need to empower NACA to hold International and Local Partners more accountable for multi-sectoral interventions in Nigeria.

“Call for more interface and engagement with NACA for improved synergy and continuous information sharing on multi-sectoral coordination and management of HIV and other related diseases, he stressed the need for more capacity-building mechanisms and attendance at HIV/AIDS conferences for enhanced knowledge of global best practices and innovations”.

The objectives of the retreat were: to foster the commitment of the legislators to the ownership and sustainability of the HIV response and to facilitate the effectiveness of the HIV response coordination and oversight.

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