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Report: Laptop Storage Prices To Rise By 50% In 2024

A to rise by 50% in 2024 report by market intelligence firm, TrendForce, has revealed that prices of storage drive laptops and computers will go up by 50 percent in 2024.

According to the report, the price increment is predicated on the need for suppliers to reach the break-even point after a rebound from the decline in NAND flash memory prices.

This would make computer SSD drives more expensive this year and ultimately lead to higher prices for laptops and computers.

Industry analysts noted that SSD price increases had already become noticeable, ending the era of exceptionally affordable storage.

However, TrendForce expects an additional sharp increase in prices as manufacturers cannot recoup their expenses and inventories are running out.

The market intelligence firm in the report stated: “Major domestic players in the NAND Flash industry indicate that NAND Flash suppliers, driven by the goal of profitability, will continue to aggressively raise prices.

It is anticipated that prices will need to increase by over 40 percent once again for major manufacturers to break even.

To achieve profitability, future price hikes are expected to be at least 50% or even higher.” Looking at the global NAND Flash market share in Q3’23, TrendForce noted that Samsung held the leading position with a market share of 31.4 percent.

The second position is held by the SK group, with a market share of 20.2 percent, followed by the U.S.-based Western Digital in third place with a market share of 16.9 percent.

The Japanese company Kioxia ranks fourth with a market share of approximately 14.5 percent.

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