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Release Aliyu Brothers To Avoid Breakdown Of Law, Order, Group Cautions Police

…urges Human Rights Commission to investigate alleged illegal detention

The International Federation of Human Rights (IFHR) and Freelance Journalist Federation (FJF), have called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to honour professionalism amd respect for human rights by directing the immediate release of two brothers, Mustapha Buhari Aliyu and Aliyu Buhari Aliyu, currently incarcerated
by officers and men of Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

The group also urged the National Human Rights Commission to carry out a thorough investigation into the “illegal detention of the two brothers,” even as they called on the National Assembly to wade into the matter to avoid a revolt from citizens.

Addressing newsmen on Tuesday in Abuja, the convener of FJF, Rev Oduma Abel and National Coordinator IHRF, Comrade Joshua Attah, warned that if the unjust incarceration of the brothers was not investigated and addressed, it could lead to a break down of law and order.

While accusing the IRT of gross violation of the brothers’ human rights despite concerted interventions and appeals, the group alleged that it’s preliminary investigations had revealed that the IRT was working on instructions of one Muhammad Sani alias Abacha, a known bandit and criminal in the area.

They said: “The IRT of the Nigerian Police Force has been variously engrossed in gross violations of human rights with persistent and unabating complaints from a cross section of Nigerians. The most recent and most disturbing of these dastardly acts has been the bizarre invasion of Kagarko, a community in Kaduna State on the 21st of March, 2024 by IRT operatives and the gestapo styled abductions of two innocent brothers on the allegations of involvement in kidnapping and ransom taking.

“The fact that this illegality has been committed at the instance of a bandit warlord who was out to take revenge on the innocent father of the two brothers has generated global attention and if left unaddressed might lead to a break down of law and order.

“This is totally unacceptable in a democracy and we are vehemently opposed to this rascality and illegality.

“Our findings further indicate that following the illegal actions of the IRT of the police , the Kargarko Emirate Council, as well as the the president of the Nigeria Bar Association and other Community Based Interest groups wrote to attest to the innocence of the two victims who are being framed for kidnapping by the police.

“It is worth noting that no individual shall be arrested without a warrant and detained beyond ( 24) hours without being charged without a valid court order.

“The Nigeria Police Force in gross violations of both local and international laws have chosen to conspire with a known bandit just to teach the innocent victims and their father a lesson.

“It is even more worrisome as reports have emerged that the said Sani Muhammad alias Abacha who is behind the continued incarceration of two innocent citizens is a known bandit who has been recruited into the Nigeria Police Force according to HURIWA in a release on March 30 , 2024 and signed by Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko

“We condemn in very strong terms the arrest of innocent civilians without any warrant or reasonable cause of action and more importantly without any charges before our law courts.

“We view the continued detention of two innocent citizens by the Nigeria police authorities as a dent on the vision of the current administration of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu which has subscribed fully to the rule of law.

“We call on the Inspector General of Police to direct the affairs of the Nigeria Police Force in line with the rule of law so as to imbibe professionalism and respect for human rights by the rank and file of the Force.

“We call on the National Human Rights Commission to investigate the circumstances of the illegal arrest and abduction and detention of Mustpha Buhari Aliyu and Aliyu Buhari Aliyu by the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) of the Nigeria Police Force and publish the report.

“We call on the Senate and House of Representatives Committees on Human Rights and Public Petitions to intervene in order to save the state from consequences citizens revolt.

“We call on the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to intervene in the multiple cases of human rights abuse by the Nigeria Police Force and call the unconditional release of the victims who are currently held under dehumanizing conditions without probable cause by the police.

“We call on the Minister of police Affairs to intervene and call the police authorities to order so as to keep track with the vision and philosophy of Mr President which is clearly in favor of the rule of law.

“We demand for the unconditional release of the duo of Mustpha Buhari Aliyu and Aliyu Buhari Aliyu from police illegal detention as the police have nothing against the innocent civilian victims.

“We state as a matter of fact that the duo of Mustpha Buhari Aliyu and Aliyu Buhari Aliyu who are currently being detained by officers of the police IRT are law abiding citizens who are well known with cattle rearing as a legitimate means of livelihood and are not criminals as being portrayed by the police.

“We advice the police authorities to take into consideration the mood of the country and act with professionalism so as to avert citizens revolt which could lead to the break down of law and order. We demand on all Human Rights groups and the media to call on the police authorities to release the innocent citizens who are unjustly been kept under custody and desist from further abusing citizens rights.

“We demand to know if the Nigerian Police Force has any other agenda by arresting innocent people on the orders of criminal bandits and why are they not charging the victim to court as it is required by law? Why did the police Intelligence Response Team arrest without warrant?

“Why did they ignore the testimony of Kagarko Emirate Council on the innocence of the two victims? Why continued detention without trial?

“Is there any motive behind this? Is the Police Force trying to provoke crisis? These and many other questions are begging for answers and we expect the Nigerian Police Force to provide the needed answers and act professionally henceforth.”

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