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Rector laments underdevelopment of technical education

The Rector of Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa, Dr. Olufunke Akinkurolere, yesterday lamented the underdevelopment of technical education, saying Nigeria’s Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) “is still far from reaching its original goals” due to insufficient infrastructure, ICT facilities and low budget allocation. Akinkurolere insisted that the TVET sector in Nigeria and most Sub-Saharan countries is riddled with “significant lack of practical relevance and responsiveness to labour market and extremely low throughputs.” She said this while delivering a paper titled: “The Role Of Technical And Vocational Training In National Development,” at Yewa College, Ilaro, on the occasion of celebrating 30 years of graduating from the school by the ‘91 Set (The Indomitable).

The Rector said technical education occupies a key role in Government’s Development programmes because of its contributions to socio-economic growth and technological advancement. Akinkurolere noted that TVET ensures a technically – skilled and competent labour force that would propel innovations, technological advancement and economic opportunities for the nation. She, however, submitted that “Too much emphasis on university certification for better career mobility and higher wages in Nigeria, has presented technical and vocational education as less academically-endowed, thereby making it undesirable to many with high aspirations.”

Akinkurolere said the Stakeholders’ inability to harmonise the dichotomy between technical skilled education (Polytechnic and University) remains a gap that must be bridged for TVET to drive economic development. The Rector called on the government to invest in TVET for the benefit of the economy, saying no nation can compete effectively in the present global market with unskilled workers.

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