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Real Estate Business About Luck, Trust, Loyalty, Honesty –Maryann Vincent

Former Beauty Queen, Maryann Vincent Amanoghena, fondly called Sugar Girl by her close friends was crowned Most Elegant Girl Nigeria in 2019. The beauty pageant platform has since then set up Amanoghena for greater heights in career and businesses she has dreamed of. In this interview with IFEOMA ONONYE, the Business Administration graduate, who hails from Delta State, speaks about winning the crown, working her way up and plans to chase her dreams of becoming an actress, among others

You won the Most Elegant Girl in Nigeria title some years back. Tell us how it happened.

To the glory of God, I won the Most Elegant Girl in Nigeria title in 2019. It was a huge success emerging winner out of 11 girls that were finalists from all parts of Nigeria. I happen to represent Abuja back then. With prayers and hardwork, I was crowned the 4th Most Elegant Girl in Nigeria It was like a dream come true. I am most grateful to God whenever I remember that day.

In beauty pageants or competition, there is always room for rivalry. How did you handle being in the competition with other beautiful girls without loosing your cool?

Well, I became friends with most of the girls. Let’s say, I saw myself winning already, and it won’t be cool if they are hating from an angle. I became their friend. After a while, during our camping before the grand finale, most of them already knew I was going to win because of my energy and the effort I put in in improving myself.

Have you always wanted to be a model or you just got into it as past time?

Before I won the Most Elegant Girl in Nigeria crown, I was once a model. Even before I was crowned a queen, I modelled under KVM modelling agency and other concept as well before going for a beauty pageant. I have always wanted to be a model.

Many Nigerian parents don’t usually like their young daughters to go into modelling with the fear of being too exposed. Was it hard to convince your parents?

No, it wasn’t hard to convince them at all because they wanted it that way. My parents believed the crown was a stepping stone for me and never had any bad intentions towards me being a beauty queen.

What was it like going for auditions and also trying to meet up with school?

Hmm! I never had any challenges towards my audition and my schooling. Audition was done on mostly weekends and missing school one day didn’t really affect me.

What was your pet project as a beauty queen?

My pet project that year I was crowned was caring for the aged and sick. It was a truly humbling experience, knowing that one day, we will grow old. It was a project close to my heart.

How would you say the beauty queen, MEGN platform has helped your career?

It definitely gave me the exposure I needed. The Most Elegant Girl In Nigeria platform took me places I never dreamt I could get to. I ate and dinned with celebrities and it connected me with people of great minds. For example, it was through people that I met on most courtesy visits and appearances at different events that helped me start up the businesses I do till date.

You are said to have a passion for organising big parties, boat cruise, birthday parties. Is that your new found career?

Not really! In as much as I will describe myself as a hardworking person, my new found career isn’t just about organising parties alone. There’s more to discover within me. I discovered organiz- ing parties as a hobby when I was working as a PRO in a club because of the fun that comes with it. So, I just decided to explore that side of me. Not that it is my main career. You are said to have a stake in real estate.

How did you find yourself in the real estate business?

Great. People will say real estate business is so hard in terms of getting clients, and they are right. It’s not easy to convince people to give up a good part of their savings to buy property. This is why the business has a lot to do about passion. Passion to get the job done; passion to get the clients, who finally agree to buy from you satisfied with the quality. The reason why I’m not moved even when clients don’t show love, is that I can switch to other businesses. Going back to my other businesses is like my unwind or a way to relieve stress when I am not getting clients from the real estate. I do that and then get back to the chasing clients again. Real estate business and getting a client who will buy land or houses from you is all about luck, trust, loyalty and honesty.

Almost every beautiful girl wants to be in the movie industry as an actress. Is this part of your dream too?

Yes, it’s one of my dreams to become an actress or see myself on the big screen. I am currently serving as a Youth Corps member and when I am done, it’s one of my dreams that I will definately chase.

How do you intend chasing the acting career dream?

I guess I will start by exploring a few contacts, going for auditions to see the roles that I can fit in. I know it won’t be easy but I won’t give up.

What is your advice to young girls, the Gen Zs, who believe that being beautiful is enough to get them all their heart desires in life; rather than studying and working hard?

My advice to girls, who believe that being beautiful is enough to get them all their heart desires in life rather than studying and working hard is that education is vital and hard work is crucial. Therefore, beauty without education and hard work is useless. There is a kind of satisfaction you get when your hard work pays off. It boosts confidence. Beauty without hard work can give success that won’t last or it won’t be enough to get one to the desired destination. Therefore, I’ll advice that girls should imbibe the ambition of study- ing and working hard as beauty without intelli- gence is like a bird without wings.

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